Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dream Duet: Mayaula Mayoni and Pepe Kalle

I have no idea how producers could not have find a collaboration between these men. They would have been perfect in a sense. I mean these two men. 

Mayaula Mayoni a former soccer player and former Bella Bella associate Pepe Kalle together. 

First of all, Mayoni kept saying "Empireeeeooo"
Why does Mayoni keep saying. Just saying this out of nowhere. I think he was giving tribute to Empire Bakuba for their music that they gave us. It was on Mayaula Mayoni's album Bikini which was released in 2000 which could be 1999 or 2001, I don't know exactly when. Mayoni's music in some ways came more Bakuba like in some ways starting the mid 1980s. 

Another reason is that they happen to have two singers that they worked with. 
Carlyto Lassa and Malage de Lugendo

Since these two singers are the ones that they sang with, I wonder how producers or Mayaula himself not find a way to include Pepe Kalle in it. Because Pepe Kalle's voices molds well with Malage and Carlyto. It can be proven on Simaro's 1989 album "Pepe Kalle chante Simaro" which I did my own post about. 
Link here 
Pepe Kalle chante Simaro 

In addition, I believe Mayaula and Pepe would meld together just like Pepe did with his idol Tabu Ley Rochereau. Believe they sounded very similar. But Mayaula Mayoni sounds more like much more masculine with his voice. Pepe Kalle was very capable of reaching medium high notes. Mayaula can remain taking more lower notes which he usually does best I guess. Better, if you wanted a great Soukous song, you can have Mayaula Mayoni sing the song and then have animations of Pepe Kalle. Pepe Kalle was the man of animations which is why I call him the King of Soukous. Period. 

Those things are reason why a Mayaula Mayoni and Pepe Kalle duet should have happened. 

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