Monday, January 30, 2017

Announcement: For the fans

I have an announcement for everyone to know. 

I will do a series based from Dream Duo and Dream Trio. 


I am doing a new serious called "Dream Quartet". I am speaking of four singers together singing. Four singers that I wish would have done songs together. I mean four singers who have not sang together all at once. That's the truth. 

It will be all music and all singers that I like or I know would make incredible sounds together. 


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dream Trio: Josky Kiambukuta, Madilu System and Mayaula Mayoni

I have been thinking about one great person. Madilu System.

Madilu System was a incredible talent and he had ability to impress people with his very husky voice. His husky voice was able to pass cross people's minds. His one liner was in big line with his success. 

Madilu loved singing with Josky the most when he was in OK Jazz. By 1983, we had the trio of Josky, Madilu and Ntesa. They would sing together until 1986 and the last time that they sang together was in 1987. Actually the last time that they would sing together was in 1989 but 1987 as last time as a trio. 

Josky was also so amazing with Mayaula Mayoni when they worked with Youlou Mabiala. Josky, Mayaula and Youlou got into a group MAMAKI getting some great song. I am so happy that they worked together. 

But Madilu and Mayaula Mayoni played together. Madilu would sing in two Mayaula Mayoni songs and he would also sing with Mayoni as well. They would sing together in Madilu's classic song Voisin. Voisin starts with Madilu, Nyboma, Aime Kiwakana, and Mayaula Mayoni then Pompom Kuleta joins the chorus with Mayoni, Aime and Nyboma when Madilu sings solo. I mean Madilu said Mayoni's name twice. That says it all. 

This is why I say that Josky , Madilu and Mayoni would have been a great trio. They would have given great class to the Congolese Music Scene. Josky would the commander with Madilu and Mayaula Mayoni as his followers. 

What would Zaiko Langa Langa be like if it was run by Pepe Felly and not Nyoka Longo

Nyoka Longo

Pepe Felly

There is a big question for Zaiko fans. One former member that people speak about the most. It ain't Dindo Yogo or even Papa Wemba. It is Felix Mankauku better known as Pepe Felly

But I do pose a question about them. What would be Zaiko be like if it was led by Pepe Felly instead of Nyoka Longo and Nyoka Longo formed another Zaiko clan maybe called "Zaiko Mabina" or "Zaiko Dance". 

Here is my theory 
Pepe Felly actually would have made Zaiko much better. Really? Yes much better. Because Pepe Felly founded some amazing singers during his great time with Grand Zaiko. I mean think about Adamo Ekula, Djeffar Lukombo, Djo Poster, Shimita and even Defao. Unbelievable. 

I think Pepe Felly would have created some groups within Zaiko and you would see what kind of singers sing together. I mean Pepe Felly had a feeling who was who and which kind could fit in a given song. 

Want evidence of this. Nyoka Longo would steal musicians like anyone but where do they usually come from?


No kidding. One particular example of this was the addition of Adamo Ekula. He would be a big backup singer in Zaiko and he would make some amazing songs as well as strong vocals.In fact he would be stronger than Malage de Lugendo. I wish Adamo had done songs with Madilu. I think Adamo would have been a great duet partner to Madilu. That is my opinion anyway. 

Also finally Pepe Felly managed to bother Nyoka Longo with the fact that he founded singers who sounded like the Zaiko singers. One Nyoka Longo impostor was Djo Poster. Now you would think Nyoka Longo not care but he did. It bothered that someone who sounded like him. SMH. Anyway, Nyoka Longo would steal musicians from this group like I said before. 

So would Zaiko have been better with Pepe felly. I say yes. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pepe Kalle captured Tanzania

Pepe Kalle has one African country that belongs to him. That is Tanzania. 

Tanzania became Pepe Kalle's place when he came to visit back in the early 1990s and ladies would notice him big time. It helped that Pepe Kalle was a very large man meaning his stomach was big. Also Pepe Kalle knew how to dance which I am sure made ladies so happy. 

Pepe Kalle owns Tanzania because I have been told by some local Tanzanians themselves that many people are naming their daughters name Hidaya. Who is hidaya?

Hidaya is a female name more importantly a Arabic female name which actually means "Wisdom". Which explains why I love that name so much. I plan to name my daughter that name if given a chance. 

Also that name was the center of Pepe Kalle's classic song called Shikamo Seye. 

This song got him huge popularity in Tanzania. Tanzania went from the place of Franco to the place of Pepe Kalle once this song came out as his whole work of Gerant. 

Tanzania became a soukous town and also they went overly nuts when Kanda Bongo Man and he could not even perform because people were nuts. 

But the one who made Tanzania a soukous town in the first place was Pepe Kalle. Pepe Kalle proved that Soukous was a great genre. 

Another reason why I call Pepe Kalle the king of Soukous. 

Tanzania with Pepe Kalle and Kenya with Franco. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Were Nyoka Longo and Papa Wemba really FRIENDS?

I am so happy that I enjoy the music of Zaiko Langa Langa and Papa Wemba also. But I have a question. It is stupid but it is important. Were Nyoka Longo and Papa Wemba really friends? Really FRIENDS? I have no idea. 

Here is where it comes from. It is the war between 
Nyoka Longo and Pepe Felly. It is clear these two men hate each other and they will never be friends since they have their own ways of living. It leads to Papa Wemba. Was he really friends with Nyoka Longo. 

I will give two possible scenarios 

I will start with yes.

It is possible that Nyoka Longo and Papa Wemba were friends because they never had bad words for each other. Unlike other artists, Papa Wemba always had respect for Nyoka Longo. Also Nyoka Longo is probably thankful that Papa Wemba left Zaiko because he leads the band while Papa Wemba became a big international act. 

I will go with no. 
But it is also possible that they were not friends because they hardly made new music together since 1974 except in 1983 and in 2014. Also it is very clear that Papa Wemba likely had a stronger friendship with Pepe Felly. Because they did more music together. In fact one of Papa Wemba's signature work was Pole Position which had the services of Pepe Felly and also, Pepe Felly was in Quatro Langa Langa reunion during the 2000 period. It looks to me that Wemba was closer to the side of Pepe Felly. 

I will always wonder. Were Nyoka Longo and Papa Wemba real friends? Who knows. 

Franco: L'Afrique Orientale

Franco était très populaire en Afrique Orientale. Penser de la Zambie, le Kenya, la Somalie, l'Erritera, l'Ethiopie, l'Ouganda et la Tanzanie. Le pays de l'Afrique Orientale ce qu'aime Franco plus est le Kenya. 

Mais Franco a eu un gros accident. Ce n'était pas la faute de Franco lui-même. Il est arrivé en Tanzanie. Selon les paroles de Simaro, il a dit que quand Franco est venu à la Tanzanie, il a veu les gens sont tombées et même mourir pour voir Franco ou visister Franco ou même toucher Franco. C'est clair qu'il était grave avec cet accident en Tanzanie.

Pendant les années 1980s, Franco a trouvé des fanatiques en Ethiopie. Franco trouves quelques chsoes spirituelles dans son voyage en Etopi. Aussi, il avait un bon temps avec ses frères éthiopiens. 

Franco a parlé un peu de ses amis éthiopiens dans cet émission en 1985. Il a dit qu'ils l'ont invité au Saxophoniste Manu Dibango. C'était la situation pour demander aux gens avec développement de l'Afrique.

La musique de Franco a touché les gens en Tanzanie. Nous trouvons que quelques musiciens qui aimaient la musique de Franco. Un grand exemple était Mbaraka Mwinshehe. 

(from WorldService) 

Mbaraka Mwinshehe était un musicien qui pensait trop de Franco. En fait, il fait une chanson du hommage pour les musiciens congolais comme il a pensee de Franco plus. Avec sa musique, il a fait sur qu'il sonne avec sa guitare comme Franco. Le pouvoir et le stylo. 

L'impersonation de Franco de Mbaraka était bon pour lui et il est devenu du succès dans sa vie. Il avait un pouvoir en Tanzanie jusqu'en 1979 quand il était mort. C'était mauvais parce Mbaraka était important pour la musique Tanzanienne. 

Franco touchait beaucoup de gens en Afrique Orientale. Maintenant quand les Africains Oreintales parlent de la musique Congolaise, ils pensent de Franco et son pouvoir. 

La Tanzanie et Le Kenya et les autres sont des pays orientales qui avaient le grandeur de Franco. 

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