Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sex with condoms

Man I have had a rough time with my life today. My college life has gone rough and man I gotten scrutiny and I have been criticized for just giving opinions on simple issues that can unite us. It is interesting that when I mind my own business then I get scorned but when I give a opinion on anything then I get called names as well. 

One topic that I can speak here is women I admit that I get very nervous  about seeing very sexy ladies and I tend to say sexual words and phrases to describe them. I get scorned for not caring to see a sexy woman. I wonder the fuck why? It is not like I want to fuck this woman. I am not saying that i wanto see the woman naked. I am not saying I want a woman to enjot taking advantage of the woman. I want to get one that I can love. A woman that if married can make love with. The on ethat I can secure, help, and support to make things better. It is important that I get a woman that I can be capatable with. 

But there is a topic that I actually want to discuss legitametely about. This topic has effects on the black community since it is the black history month and it happens to be around the time of Valentine's day. I am speaking of one topic which is what. It is the topic called Sex with Condoms. 

Why speak about this topic? There are several valid reasons about this. First of all, it is said that black women in US are the ones with the most STDS (although it can be debatable). Also, there is a heavy stigma about being a virgin and it seemed wrong to not have sex before marriage. In the bible, it is likely a sin because it can ruin a relationship but in our society, many people very much disagree. Finally, there is pressure on certain people (like black man) to have sex and sex as much as possible. It is sad but it the reality about the sex in our country America but it is also true around the world. 

Charts showing the percentage of people in Africa with Aids

One bad place of effect is Africa. But obviously sex is not really promoted in the way it is in America. Africa has many issues and one of them being aids. Sex is not the only reason although it is a important reason for this issue. I would say Omar Pene says that aids is the problem and the poision of our society. Youssou N'Dour wants young people to understand the power of sex. If you have aids, Mwzakali Mbuli would like you to have hope no matter that there is a God in this wicked world. We have the word Sima which is usually Lingala for behind but that is probably known by artists like Tama. Who could be one the giving aids. Could be Baraka like the song by Hamid Baurodi. Or could be music from Luo guy Ayub Ogada with his spiritual mix of 10 percent. Also add some fire collect of firewood like Bernard Kabanda. Marysm Mursal made some great points under not shame yourself one bit. Also, Taso Choir wants you to know that there is forgiveness from God and look to him for forgiveness of aid. However a band like Zawose and Brook say bedbug bites terribly. Man that is a scary thing huh. Imagine you lose a person that you actually love as Papa Wemba says. I mean Papa Wemba means he can't imagine you dying. We need then to sing the song Heaven is my home if you believe that there is by Imbizo. Man that is going to be a serious outgoing song. Use a sound of the drummers of Burundi to do something unique. What is the damn solution to sex. Wait a minute. It should be. Yes the socks. Yep socks. Socks meaning condoms. Remmy Ongala says that sex is like soccer except two people together. A man and a woman together in a room with no one watching. He say get a CONDOM (SOCKS). That what he says is the solution. Get a condoms so you can be able to have at least real appropriate sex. Yes I guess that is one way. Ohh life is so hard. 

My advice to people especially youth including myself by the way, if I want sex. We need to have condoms in our body. So no std, no aids, or pregnancy results from it. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kester Emeneya gone

I was working on my college work and trying to finish up a post when I found the news that I did not want to hear and want to be so true. This news just completely disgusts me dearly. 

It is the day that we can announce that Congolese singer Kester Emeneya has died. He was one great moment for the band Viva La Musica which is owned by Papa Wemba. When Kester Emeneya and Papa Wemba were together, they were able to produce some great songs together and their choir together was great and you could not deny their greatness together. 

Kester Emeneya started his own group around 1982 when he formed the group Victoria Elesien. This band is where Kester Emeneya as we know became known to everyone. He managed to make memorable songs and make some great grounds with his songs. 

What is sad is that part of the reason of Kester's death was because the death of Tabu Ley when he was already deeply sick. Clearly Rochereau's death had a major impact on King Kester and it was said that he did not take the news well. This was a major part of that further made Kester's health much worse. 

Kester Emeneya lived a great life as a singer and he was actually planning to build a house that he could make so he could have a better opportunity to make music in the near future. Some people of course were not happy at all hearing but I found to be a good thing. He was planning to get help from people from Washington DC. 

Regardless, it is terrible that we are beginning in 2014 with some terrible tragedy in African music. It is so unofrtunate that we lost one great Congolese artist and African artist. It is so sad. My hearts goes to his family and friends. RIP Kester Emeneya. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Josky/Madilu- DESTIN Lp

I am so happy about posting this great LP where we have two great stars of the generation new wave for us. I am speaking about two TPOK Jazz grand singers name Josky Kiambukuta and Madilu System. They produced a masterpiece where they would get some stardom success with their lp called DESTIN. This Lp would bring for these two stars for us to enjoy.

Let me get started with the song Erreur Personelle. This song was so good with the voice of Josky Kiambukuta. I mean you could feel the spirit of Josky ability to sound smooth and yet graceful with his voice. Also, you have Madilu and Josky sounding perfect together. Also it had the blast of Rigo Star and it was able to make the completetion of the great song. 

Then we get to the great song Sincerete by Josky Kiambukuta also. He was the man behind the great song. He was very passionate in this song and he was able to provide some valuable entertainment for us. More importantly the sebene was so banging and it got some skill of Rigo Star who was doing his magic on the guitars and bass. Man I got boose bumps hearing the guitars of Rigo Star.

The song that got me some goosebumps which is the song Pierre. Madilu System actually gives us a reason to want to listen to his songs. His voice in this song is very passionate and seems to enjoy singing this song. Josky and Madilu just put their voices into some beautiful melody. It was something that was so worth hearing as a music listener. 

Let's get into the song that officially made the begin of the legend of Madilu System La Grand Ninja. I am speaking about the song Biya. In fact this song is the one song that made the legend of Madilu System. In fact this song got so much popularity during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Heck he even redid this song on his third solo album Sans Commentaire. That is how significant this song is. 

I  think people should hear this LP. I love this LP and it is total classic.  

New Year Happy Day

I am so happy that we enter 2014. I am happy to once again post for you guys to enjoy some comments from me and yours truly Franco Pepe Kalle. 

You wonder why I have not been posting. It is because I have had a rough and busy year in 2013 dealing with lots of issues and spent a bit too much time doing Facebook and finding myself watching too much reality TV. And my college life had kicked in a lot. 

But luckily right now, I am bit less crazed with things. Now I get a chance to give you a new year. 

I am hopeful that I can give you some posts. 

Soon I will get started on the Madilu train soon enough. Enjoy your day. I will post soon. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tabu Ley no longer here

Man I cannot believe this is just happened. Just when we saw what would have been the 62nd birthday of Pepe Kalle, we lose another great singer of Congolese music. That is Tabu Ley. Yep Tabu Ley. He is dead. He was 73 years old. My heart just aches for his family and others who deeply appreciated and loved Tabu Ley. 

Here is one connection between me and Tabu Ley. When my dad lived in Kinshasa, he actually met Tabu Ley in 1987. My dad told me that he was attending a political meeting when he met Tabu Ley. My dad could not believe it and inside he was so shell shocked. He even said hello Mr. Seigner Rochereau. Rochereau responded with a nod. Typical Tabu Ley. kiekiekie. Just too much ego. 

Although I believe Franco is better than Tabu Ley. Tabu Ley had one thing that Franco only wished he had was a beautiful voice. Franco's voice was often shitty and not that great although there were moments where he was fantastic with his solo vocals. That was hardly with Tabu Ley. Rochereau's voice was so poetic and it brought some birds to your belly. It was quite interesting if you ask me. That was the case with his songs like Kaful Malay, Mace, Sarah, Tu as dit que, Muzina, Exil-Ley, Tempelo and others. It made Rochereau a great legend. 

Franco and Tabu Ley were smart to work together. They made one song that stood out to me as a Congolese music listener. That song is Ngungi. That song made something magical occur. Their voices together made a moment that many will never forget. I am so into this song. It is a beauty song that I can never get enough of. 

Tabu Ley will be missed. Tabu Ley you just rest in peace. 


I have a question that has entered my mind. Now as many know here, I am a fanatic of Franco and Pepe Kalle. Pepe Kalle died on November 28, 1998 and ironically just two days later, he would have been 47 years old. He was born today. He was born a Kinshasa boy of I believe about 12 to 15 siblings in his family. It is also believed that Pepe Kalle himself had about 12 children. I know one of them lives in France. Few live in Europe. 

Pepe Kalle was a great singer and he was able to sing and make everyone touched. He touched some few young people that now love his music to death. I am one of them. I am a fanatic of his. I love his music very often. From 1970s up to his death. He always knew how to hit you with a unique song. He sang with Nyboma, Papy Tex, Papa Wemba, Dilu Dilumona, Soki Vangu, and others. It is just unique for me. I really love his music and remain a major fan of his for a long time. 

But let's get into what I am going to ask. One person claims he is more like Pepe Kalle than anyone else. Guess who? If you think Biya Chante, you are right. He may have a point. Well not long ago, he declared to the whole Congolese music lover community that every time you see him, you see Pepe Kalle. Now some people were happy he made that statement but others said he crossed the line. 

Here is my opinion on this. While I agree that Biya Chante is not a superstar like Pepe but here is Biya has a great point. Listen, Pepe Kalle and Biya Chante sound so similiar. In fact, there were moments I thought that was Pepe when it was actually Biya Chante himself. Of course Dilu Dilumona and Pepe Kalle sound similiar but it is much easier to see the difference. Dilu is too monolithic in my opinion and kind of boring. In addition, Pepe Kalle hired Biya Chante for a reason because Biya sounded much more like him than Dilu ever did in his life. Furthermore, Biya Chante in a sense was a better singer than Pepe in the sense where his voice was much soulful than Pepe himself.

Pepe Kalle was a more smooth singer. His voice always had a tendency to smooth. So even if someone sounded like him, they could sing with him since Pepe was very smooth. Look at instance Defao. Many argue that Defao and Pepe Kalle sound too much alike. However, Defao has much more force in his voice. As result, Defao and Pepe Kalle could sing together in a choir. Song I am referring is to Luciyana. 

But Biya Chante was a more soul singer. His voice was deep and very sexy. I mean I have never seen a Congolese singer have so much of a soulful voice. I mean Biya Chante voice is so deep that you wonder why he is singing and is giving his voice. I mean when Biya Chante does Pepe Kalle songs, he can make it his own. That speaks volume on Biya's voice itself. It is just too great. 

Yes Biya Chante does equal Pepe Kalle when it pertains to voice. 

Here is the video of my reference of my opinion post on here what would have been Pepe Kalle's 62nd birthday. 


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Likinga Redo no more

Man I could not see this coming even with a old artist like this man. This man has had problems in the past and he had great troubles prior to his unfortunate death. 

Well I am speaking about the death and unpextated one from Likinga Redo. He was 59 years old when he died. He died on August 8, 2013. This death stunned and I just could not believe it. I found this out from former Zaiko Langa Langa singer Adamo Ekula

Well let me speak on this great Artist Mr. Likinga Redo. I know that this man began his music career with Empire Bakuba led by Pepe Kalle (who is no longer here). Likinga would appear in songs like Calvaire, and Montesse. Then in 1976, he officially became a memeber of Zaiko Langa Langa. This time he sang with Nyoka Longo, Lenga Lenga (Ya Lengos), and Bimi Ombale. They made some great songs and being able to produce some dynamic dances. Likinga Redo produced one song that was popular for him. That song is Viya. This song got Likinga Redo in a unique place. He was beginning to develop his own identity. Zaiko was starting to become a important band alongside Empire Bakuba de Pepe Kalle. 

Likinga Redo was said to a drug habit and clearly some one was not happy about it. After he releasd his other song Antalia, he got caught with drugs in Portugal in 1983. This led to his arrest and as result he was in jail for five years. 

Likinga Redo got a tribute song while he was in jail. That was his old friend Pepe Kalle. He made the tribute Souci ya Likinga. This song became pretty popular around the Kinshasa scene in 1986. 

Redo got out of jail in 1988 to join Zaiko Familia Dei de Pablo. But he did last there long. Then Likinga Redo had really became a session singer releasing a few albums. But Likinga Redo was not the same and despite making great music, people seemed to have enough of Likinga and he had became a shadow of himself. 

Then in 2002, he worked with former Empire Bakuba mate Papy Tex on their work together called Mon Bebe. This would be Likinga's last music before he went fully into Christian music. That could be seen with Soeur Lumumba around the 2006 period. After that, Redo had privately lived his life. 

It was said that Likinga Redo had suffered dementia-disease for five months before his unfortunate death. Strange for me, because Likinga had indicated some time ago, he was ready to get his life back on his own Facebook. Of course, Likinga died on August 8, 2013. 

It is ashame that he is gone and I will forever miss him. His music will live on.

Rest in peace Vieux Likinga Redo