Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lutumba Simaro: Pepe Kalle chante La Poete Simaro Massiya

Hello everyone, I am so happy to give a overlook on a LP that I have loved a lot since I was a teenager. Now as a young adult, I am grateful to still appreciate music like this. 

As some of your older rumba fans or rhumba fans as called by others, you are aware that now Lutumba Simaro is no longer is doing music mentioned in this post 
Simaro Retires 

I know will speak somewhat of the great 1989 lp of Simaro Lutumba or some call him Simaro Massiya. The lp is simply called "Pepe Kalle chante La Poete Simaro Massiya". This is a Lp for Simaro Lutumba to do another nzingzong. It would his second after doing back in 1984 with the song Maya. At this time, Franco was not well and OK Jazz was going downhill. So some OKJ musicians decided to some solo projects. Simaro was one of them. 

This LP is so classic. All these four songs have a important message. About love and about how to avoid trouble. Like for example, Mukelenge, you can see Pepe Kalle sing as a woman who is telling her man to keep himself under control and make sure he is well health wise and body wise. The song kind of goes into that direction. Muana Ndeke is a song where he is singing a figurative song about a Child of a Bird. But it means that it represents the issues around the life such as people, marriages, and workers. 

My favorite song out of all this classic LP is the Diarrhée Verbale which literally means Verbal Diarrhea. NO it is not about the body but about the mouth. It is a reference to how much Kinshasa people love to gossip and talk shit about other people. Also, why it is a problem for Zairian people. As at the time Democratic Republic of Congo was referred Zaire or more accurately Republic of Zaire. Oh this where Pepe Kalle delivered the best. No wonder I am a Pepe Kalle fanatic today. 

But we get into the remake of "Coeur Artificiel" which meant Artificial Heart. But this version of the same song is called Motema Libanga which it means in this context a Cold Heart. Kind of the same affect. Someone being cold blooded. The original song was sung by Madilu System. But in the remix it was sang by Carlyto Lassa and Pepe Kalle. Carlyto did a good job singing it but I kind of wish that Madilu had sang the remix in a sense or it should have been Pepe Kalle in this case in my opinion but then again, maybe Simaro wanted someone completely different from Madilu. So Carlyto make sense. Plus his voice is so juicy and I love juicy voices. 

Excellent album if you ask me. I want everyone to get this work. It is everywhere. Excellent work from Simaro. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dream Duet: Nyoka Longo and Pepe Kalle

I am getting prepared for a moment that should happened after a certain concert had occurred. 

It was a great concert and you could see that these two bands were special and as usually, we take them for granted. 

I am speaking about Nyoka Longo and Pepe Kalle. Actually, I always wondered why Nyoka Longo and Pepe Kalle did't actually made a song together. I also wondered why they did not have a moment where they knew that they should have done a record together. That is just me. 

I actually say the one person that goes perfectly with the voice of Nyoka Longo is Pepe Kalle. I know I said Nyoka Longo likes a soft person with his voice but I also know Nyoka likes someone who has baritone but yet sill get high notes when needed. That is Pepe Kalle view I got for you. Pepe Kalle fits this dilemma. 

Furthermore, I know that Nyoka Longo and Pepe Kalle made an duet together, they would be able to sing well together and they could both do the animations since they were great animators and they would not need their animators to help them out. Pepe Kalle in particular is one of the greatest animators to exist. 

I mean look here how dynamic Pepe Kalle and Nyoka Longo were during their 1995 concert. Imagine if they did an actual record together. 

Dream Duet: Josky Kiambukuta and Nyoka Longo

I am going to do a duet that would have been a special moment for us all. 

I am talking about Josky Kiambukuta and Nyoka Longo. These two men are known in Congo and they are deeply respected. Josky is only 5 years older than Nyoka Longo. They all follow a certain logic. 

The reason I think these men should be together for five reasons 
1) They came from the Verckys era effect
2) They both were somewhat adventure men 
3) They have strong confidence
4) Their voices are deep and profound (though Nyoka Longo is an average singer) 
5) I actually Nyoka Longo would benefit this duet, and he could learn a few things. 

I actually think it would get Nyoka Longo better artistic ability if he sang with Josky Kiambukuta. Josky knew how to make music and he knew when many things were messed up. Josky was one great missioner of music. One person that would enjoy the power of Josky is Nyoka Longo. 

My final words for this post: They would be able to observe another when they sing together. 

Just look at this great performance which shows Nyoka and Josky.

Dream Duet: Franco and Nyoka Longo

I am so happy to do another set of dream duets. 

Two people that I want to see do a duet together is Franco and Nyoka Longo. They need to get a duet together. Because they are both dynamic stars in my opinion. I believe that they can do some songs where Franco can do the storytelling and Nyoka Longo does his average singing. Though Nyoka Longo is not a special singer, he is able to give a show his average voice in a good light. I will give him that. 

But I got a twist here. I have another artist who should part of this duet exchange that I propose. 
That is La Poete. 
Poete Lutumba Simaro. 

Why Simaro Lutumba. Because I know, Nyoka Longo is actually very good with songs of Simaro's musical style. Etape rings a bell. It was a very slow and yet a somewhat poetic song and Nyoka Longo had a big role in that song.With Franco, we know that he sang a few Simaro records. Also a few times, it was great for Franco to play some Simaro songs and make them feel more special. 

Here are few songs that I believe Franco and Nyoka Longo would give them genius material. I am only speaking of mysteries. 
1) Kadima 
2) Makambo 
3) Mangasa 

I think these are the songs that would have been a blast with Franco and Nyoka Longo worked together. 

What event, it would be if this duet had happen. 

Dream Duet: Nyoka Longo and Nyboma

I am so happy that find a dream duet involving these two people. Actually Nyboma has practically worked with almost every Congolese musician you could think of. Tabu Ley, Pepe Kalle, Koffi Olomide, Papa Wemba, Josky Kiambukuta, and others to name. 

But there is one person that he has yet to work with and I wished he did earlier in his career. It was with Nyoka Longo. I think Nyoka Longo likes a very normal singer. I mean look at Adamo Ekula (who is a natural singer). I think these men would have been a great duo. 

Here is my reason, since Nyboma can sing at any level, he can the shining moment here while Nyoka Longo will be able to be the one giving heavy assistance for Nyboma. That way, we could be able to hear some strong medley between them. 

Here are few songs of Nyboma, I think would have been perfect with Nyoka Longo. 

My point is that Nyoka Longo and Nyboma should have had a song that was special and would have them give eachother's feed back. 

L'Importance de musique de Zaiko

Bonjour mes amis. 

Je parle d'importance de la musique de Zaiko. Je parle de Zaiko Langa Langa. Pourquoi Zaiko? Parce qu'il soit la groupe que changé beaucoup de musique congolais. Avant Zaiko, nous avons la musique congolais rumba avec les musiciennes âgés comme Franco, Tabu Ley, Nico et Grand Kalle. Après, Verckys laissait OK Jazz, il donnait une chance pour les autres avec leur sonne. Maintenant, c'est lorsqu'on trouve une groupe. Cela serait Zaiko Langa Langa. Ils faisaient une chose que les autres orchestres font maintenant. Aucune saxophones, aucune trompettes, et seule claviers. Mais ce fois, c'était premier fois qu'une groupe avait le fait. Alors, Zaiko Langa Langa serait une groupe que ne fait pas la musique rumba. Zaiko Langa Langa apportait ce genre en la musique congolaise. 

Autour les années 1970, Zaiko Langa Langa avait les musiciens comme Bozi Boziana "Benz Bozi Boziana", Nyoka Longo, Papa Wemba "Jules Shungu Wembadio", Evoloko Jocker, Pepe Felly, Teddy Sukuma, et les autres. Mais après 1975. Zaiko avait beaucoup de changes. Nyoka Longo éventuellement serait le president de Zaiko. 

Pendant les années 1980, nous avions les chanteurs comme JP Buse, Lenga Lenga, Likinga Redo, Nyoka Longo et Dindo Yogo. Mais la role de Dindo Yogo venait parce que le départ de Likinga Redo qui allait à un prison. Avec Dindo Yogo, nous avions beaucoup de chansons qui étaient spécial particulièrement il nous donnais les deux chansons que beaucoup de gens savient et peut-être savent aujourd'hui. Ils sont Liwa na Moyibi et Mokili Echanger. Ces chansons démontré comment spécial Zaiko était pour leur fans. 

Pendant les années 1990, nous avions les chanteurs comme deux chanteur qui étaient spécial pour moi et les autres. Je parle de Malage de Lugendo et Adamo Ekula. Quand, j'entends les chansons de Dede, Je pense d'Adamo Ekula. Parce que son voix est comme un fleur que n'arrêté jamais. C'est la vérité. Juste la vérité. Sans la vérité, comment nous saurons les choses de cette vie. Beaucoup de chansons de Zaiko avaient la voix d'Adamo Ekula comme un premier chanteur ou choriste. Son voix avaient la magie que les autres manquaient. 

Les années 2000 et les années 2010, nous voyons que Zaiko est populair encore. C'est bien savoir depuis c'est une bande qui avaient l'existence depuis 1969. Maintenant, nous avons le 26eme anniversaire de cette grande groupe. 

L'importance de Zaiko Langa Langa est que c'était une groupe que changait la musique congolaise. C'est la musique avec les vocales, les guitars, et les animateurs. Les autres groupes démarrait ce genre de la musique. Deux groupes notables est Wenge Musica et Extra Musica. Ils sont les groupes qu'il avait beaucoup de membres comme Werrason, Roga Roga, Herman, JB Mpiana, Blaise Bula et les autres. Maintenant, la majorité de la musique est la musique de Zaiko. C'est vrai aujourd'hui. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dream Duet: Franco and Michael Jackson

This is an controversial post. I apologize for not posting a long time. I have been busy like heck. So much going on. 

I am going to do a duet that most people will hate but I see as a legitimate post. Before I mention these men. Let me put in proper context. 

As many of you guys know, Franco or some call Francois Luambo Makiadi was a Zairian artist or Congolese Artist. He was from Zaire or called Democratic Republic of Congo. He was the number one artist in the country and he was a great legend. He is still a great legend. One reason why probably Franco is not recognized in the west was because he did give much shit about western music though he liked some of it, he never cared for most of the artists especially James Brown. It was said some years ago back in 1969, some USA producers tried to get Franco and James Brown together but it went bad because Franco believed that James Brown was a piece of shit. Ouch. Franco also said that he did not want to hear anything of James Brown because he is not special to begin with. Franco had a few chances to work with western artists but he refused. Franco had no desire to sing with western artists. 

But as we know a lot of people like compare Franco to a western artist especially American. Some say James Brown. Others say Elvis Pressely. Others say Sam Cooke. But I don't believe that Franco would be good to sing with those three. There is only one American artist I think that could do some work with Franco. 

That is Michael Jackson. I know some of you guys hate Michael Jackson. But Michael Jackson is an icon. He is worshiped like nuts. Plus Unlike James Brown, Michael Jackson really used some African sounds from people in a few of his songs. For example, his song "Wanna Be Starting Something", he used the line "Soul Makossa" from an artist name Manu Dibango who was a member of the group Africa Jazz which had great founder of Congolese music Grand Kalle. Grand Kalle was the founder of Congolese Music as a whole. Grand Kalle and Manu Dibango were dynamic when they were together. Unlike James Brown, Michael Jackson actually made efforts to try to make Africa better especially with food. 

I know with Franco, he was not a big western fan, but Michael Jackson would be the ideal artist to sing with Franco. First of all, his voice is so different from Franco. Franco is a deep singer with a low classical baritone. Whereas Michael Jackson kind of sound womanly yet masculine in his voice. Remember Franco sings well with people of very different voice. Madilu System, Sam Mangwana, Youlou Mabiala, and Vicky Longomba as examples. Also, Franco and Michael Jackson would able to complete each-other as each has weakness. I believe Franco would enjoy Michael Jackson as he had a warm heart and he actually tries to relate to the artist himself. Final reason is that Michael Jackson does Youlou, Vicky, Sam, and Madilu do. He would be able to add the soul element but do in a way that makes it unique. Michael Jackson would ooze Franco with his soulful aggressive voice. I believe Franco would love that and he would feed on that himself. 

Only downside of them together is that Franco never knew a English let alone a sentence in English for that matter. Since Michael Jackson only knew English, it would pose a problem. But I think that can be helped by a translator. Since we have translators, I believe that they would have been a way for these two men to be together. 

Since people love to compare these two (though it is a horrible idea in my opinion), I believe that Franco's good western collaboration would have been with Michael Jackson. Plus Franco was the bigger star in African's eyes than Michael Jackson. That is another this would have been a great collaboration. Because Franco would have the upper hand and not Michael Jackson. 

If Franco and Michael Jackson sang together, I think truly Americans would have adored Franco to death and Congolese people would appreciate Michael Jackson much more. Cross culture would have been done well if American producers found the right ways to get these two to sing together.