Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Youtube time

Before I start on anything, I want to say happy birthday to Dizzy Mandjeku. 

Here is a song with his presence known

It is a song that I cannot get enough of. 

Now my fans have been wondering why I have not been posting. Actually lately I have been working a lot since I don't have school yet back, so I have been working and I have been trying to revamp a social life that I never cared for. Furthermore, I have to do so many things and watch my Facebooks so closely. 

Actually while I have been working, I encounter a person well I mean a woman who notices that I sing one song of my idol (second one) Pepe Kalle. 

She asks me who I am. I told her I am a Congolese American and I was born in Nebraska. I told her also I am a big fan of Pepe Kalle and I listen to African music often and American music sometimes. I also told her that I am 21 years old. I am a very young man. I have been in Minnesota for 14 years. I have lived around the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Now it comes to her, this is where things get interesting.

Her name is Judith. She says that she was born in Ivory Coast. She says that she was major gospel singer in her group. I am not sure of the name. Anyway, she says that she did lots of gospel at her church back in Ivory Coast. She says she has a college degree. Due to her gospel life, she actually to got to travel a lot. She went to Europe such as France and Italy. She came to USA in 2012. She indicated that she had lived in New Jersey. New Jersey is known to have some French speaking people as well as New York with heavy community of Haitian descendant people. She came to Minnesota afterwards. She is trying to get her foot as a American now. I told her good luck. 

She told me that she even had a song on YouTube. In fact she is telling the truth. Here is the song that I ended up hearing. 

I am quite impressed. Actually she sounds great in this song. If you believe in God and want to hear this, please do so. 

This is a interesting time for me. Really interesting for me. 

Soon, I will do some posts on Madilu. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Joe Arroyo tribute

Welcome to my blog today as a I am going to make a tribute to one great artist. Not from Africa or America although those are the things I am familiar with. I am doing a artist from South America area. 

I am speaking of one artist that I have grown to love and enjoy his music. I am speaking of Joe Arroyo. He has had a rich history making great influence in his country Colombia. Colombian music was big with Joe Arroyo involved. 

Joe Arroyo had humble beginnings. He was discovered by a person name Julio. He ended up in the group called Fruko y sus Tesos. He would perform with this band for 10 years. 

But in 1981, Joe Arroyo left that to begin his solo career and had his back group known as La Verdad which means The truth. 

From there, Joe Arroyo would release so many classic songs like RebeliĆ³n","La noche" "Tania", "El Ausente" "En Barranquilla me Quedo", "Musa", "Bam Bam" and many others. Joe Arroyo would be a big artist in Colombia in 1980s and 1990s. 

But as always every artist has their downfall. For Arroyo it was beginning after 2000. He was often not well health wise and often he would not show up at shows. Some people alleged this was due to his possible smoking habits he had when he was younger. Despite he was still making some good music and his fans remained loyal to him. In fact in a few months before his death, Joe Arroyo was doing some heavy shows for his fans. He died on July 26, 2011. 

Joe Arroyo was a artist that was actually pretty international while still sticking to his sound. He managed to mix Salsa music with cumbla, porro, soca, compas, and zouk with other African sounds together. Which makes sense since some of his songs sound Congolese to me. 

When I have been listening to Joe Arroyo, I feel like I am listening to a Congolese musician with a different sound and language. 

Joe Arroyo is one artist that left a mark in his country and throughout South America. It is incredible that I did not listen to his music a young child and I am glad to say that I know some of his music and he has impressed me a lot. I enjoy his music. His music has increased my interest in salsa music. Though I prefer African and American music more but I can enjoy some Salsa music. One man that I like the most out of all them is Joe Arroyo. 

Rip Joe Arroyo. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Franco 76 birthday


I am happy to say that it is time for to say Happy Birthday for my first idol name Franco

Franco was a artist for all Africans. He made sure that he could have his music accessed to the world but particularly Africa. It was important for him because he had great confidence. Franco was responsible for the great formation for Rumba Odemba Congolese music but also Rumba as a genre as a whole. For example, some East African musicians most notably Musa Juma who sadly passed away in 2009. Ironically Juma is a partial Congolese so it helps a little bit. He was a able to deliver great music for his fans and many of his fans say Musa Juma is the closet thing to Franco

In the would have been 76th birthday of Franco, he made one important thing. It is that Franco was a true Pan African artist. He was someone who was for the change of lives. His songs deliver the idea of hope that one day, Africa will become a big continent for this rotten world that we live in today. Franco made sure that he left a great foot in this world. And he did. That is the reason why I want to say if Franco was alive, he would have been 76 years old. 

Happy Birthday Franco. Rest in peace. We the fans will never forget your story. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Simaro's unknown CD: Shako

I have a opportunity to give you something to enjoy during the summer. This is a good time for me. 

I am speaking of the album by the genius poet himself Simaro Lutumba. This album is called Shako. But this album is unique because this album has two combinations. Let focus on the last four songs before I go into the two songs. 

I am going on the other four songs that come from the Simaro and TPOK Jazz album. This is work from OK Jazz likely from 1988-89 period because we hear the voice of Malage de Lugendo. I also hear the voice of Djo Mpoyi, Josky Kiambukuta, and Madilu System. This work I don't believe involve any rhythm guitar of Simaro Lutumba himself. It is said that these four songs have no composition from Simaro. The songs that I am talking about are Eliana, Nakosenga, Kiwelelele, and Toweli.  Three of those songs give you the idea of the dance Mayeno and Djo Mpoyi was the important man because he was all apparent in all four songs. Notice also there are more studio musicians than OK Jazz musicians. I see some composers are Al Zimbi bass man and Do Akongo the rhythm man. So that is the idea behind. Regardless, it is known that Franco had no part of this project since he was not well and was mostly residing in Belgium. 

Now let's get into the two songs that Simaro ACTUALLY was part of. I am talking two songs. They are Shako and Tshitshi. Shako is a interesting song because it premiers the voice of the woman Natalie who would participate in some Bana OK songs until 2001. Her voice is jolly and enjoyable. She was able to capture some youth sound out of her. That is a good song. It also includes Mr. Elba A formerly of Youlou Mabiala's group Kamikaze and LokombeThen comes Tshitshi. This song is just a genius because the strong voice of Ndombe Opetum. His voice is amazing and they are able to sound perfect. His strong voice with others are able to the song so strong. That is definition of real music and not the junk that we are used to every day. But the bands are different. Shako was definitely with Bana OK since Elba A is totally audible. The second song was with TPOK Jazz. The guitar sounds like it and more importantly, I think the unreconginsible voice with the other man and Ndombe is Madilu System. Since Madilu was never in Bana OK, then it must be OK Jazz. 

This is one of the best work for Simaro. It is a genius work. People should get this album as soon as they have a chance. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mayeno, oh Mayeno Mayeno is, Mayeno will be, what is about Mayeno

Hello my fellow people. I am sorry, I had posts ready before my college courses demanded more of my time. I have had led little opportunities of doing some good posts. Also I have been debate with friends and family whether to start getting money from this blog. I don't want to because I don't need to do that. I want to be everyone else and work. Who knows. At least not know. I don't want to do it now. 

Another thing in my way is one of my brother has a graduation party tomorrow and it is not going great. We cannot agree on anything. My brother wants his mostly western songs and my parents want no English speaking songs or English songs that are so lame. Worse my parents are obsessed with one particular style of music. This makes me the middle person because I had to decide. I put more this style that I would have like to. 

Now what does the second part have anything to do with the post. It is very related. In fact this conflict leads to the post that I am going to touch. What my parents will want at this party is the dance that is a dance. It is the dance that was a clear alternative to Kwasa Kwasa. It was not from Afrisa. It comes from OK Jazz. That dance became Mayeno. Who popularized the dance. I am speaking of Madilu System. Mayeno is a dance that is pretty known in the area of Matadi full of Bakongo Congolese folks. But the dance was not known around Congo up until 1986 when Madilu officially launched this dance as a attempt to counter Empire Bakuba's Kwasa Kwasa. This dance is the one that my parents really want to play more than necessarily at a party. My brother does not give one living shit about Mayeno. 


Here is my actual opinion on the dance Mayeno. I actually do like the dance Mayeno very much. It has its good and bad. 

Let me do the bad first 
- It was more soukous music
- It was nothing really related to OK Jazz
- It was a OK Jazz version of Kwasa Kwasa
- It had quite sexual elements (often more perverted than Empire Bakuba's Kwasa Kwasa)
- It was a less dirty version of Zaiko Langa Langa's dance "Etutana, Yango Na Yango"
- Often it had unnecessary noises
- It fulfilled the great narcissism that is Madilu System
- It became too centered around Madilu
- It poisoned the original OK Jazz odemba music that made Franco such a legend (case in example Franco's great classic Les Rumeurs was done in Mayeno dance). 
- It was the contributing factor behind the division in OK Jazz since it was essentially Madilu's dance. 

- It made the legend of Madilu System
- It gave OK Jazz to attract young people who were wanting the music of Pepe Kalle
- It gave Kwasa Kwasa dance its run for money
- It was a traditional dance becoming mainstream
- It made people move in many ways that were not possible
- Madilu knew how to make great lines especially with just MAYENO
- It gave Madilu more attention 
- It helped OK Jazz have some success during the early 1990s before its demise
- It made people recognise the importance of Madilu
- It remake the emphasis of the diversity in the OK Jazz music
- Madilu was able to get Pepe Kalle to notice him
- Madilu had the ability to always redo the style and sounds of Mayeno

As you can notice I see the good and bad of this dance. This dance was known in Matadi community. Madilu was a great dance. He created a dance that has been popularized. Since Madilu never had his due early in his career, he was able to become a genius for this great dance. Mayeno gives people a chance to enjoy the dance and see how they feel about this dance. As I said, Mayeno is one dance that some Congolese will definitely remember. 

What do you think about Mayeno. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My take on Evoloko JOKER

Lately I have seen so much shit and great stuff happening all around the same time. Hot girls, Great college work, Nice Technical work, and others have consumed my time. I apologize but that has been lately my situation so I have not really had the chance to make a post. 

But also add that my first young brother is about graduate from high school and my family and I are already clashing about what songs that we are going to play for his graduation and what type of music pacifically we are going to play. Also it will be combined with me and my sister time for celebration. Boy this will be fun. Supposedly. 

But one reason of clashing is that my parents really want to only and exclusively Congolese music but I know my young brother does not really play that music like I do and I told him to ask him what he wants. But they also really want to play Congolese music that they really enjoy themselves. They really do not want East African music. Not even sensible ones like Simba Wanyika, Remmy Ongala, and Orchestre Makassy. Interesting huh. My dad wants this big man that I don't care for myself.

This is the man that my dad actually likes dearly as well his fellow old colleagues. So sad. huh. Well if you figure the picture above that is the person I am about ramble about. But this is all my opinion. NO ONE ELSE. OYOKA NGAI. MELESI BANINGA NA NGAI. 

I am speaking about the man man Evoloko Lay better known as Evoloko Jocker or Joker, what the fully hell you prefer. The man who is a interesting character and lots of people who know Congolese music historically, love to discuss this guy like he was or is the best thing that has happened in Congolese music. And I know some people already know that I don't exactly listen to Evoloko. Well here is my opinion. 

I think Evoloko is one of the most overrated DRC musicians that I ever heard. Yes I said. He was totally overrated and overlooked and people made a big mistake thinking that Evoloko was going to be one the biggest names in Zaire. That never happened. I don't give a rats about him. There are many reasons. Evoloko inability to consistently be a good performer and have real charisma. Evoloko slept with several women. It is one thing but when it is young girls. He was accused with sleeping with a 13 year old back in 2008. Also, Evoloko tries too hard to make himself look bigger than HE ACTUALLY IS. A bigger character than he is reality. 

But the real reason for me not caring for him is really music. I know all musicians in Zaire have so much shit in their lives. But many at least put their issues as ways to make legendary music. But Evoloko, it is not even close. First of all, his songs (well most) are at well but not much special. Second, his alcoholism really did him no favor and fucked up his voice very often. Give me a break, when I hear people tell me he is the best singer. Really? REALLY. BEST SINGER. First of all, his voice is irrating and annoying and it can seen as just noise. 

He was a great tragedy and he was totally overrated. He was unable to rise his star and he fell so terribly. Life is unique. Evoloko was not that great at the beginning. The only and probable reason is that Evoloko was a great entertainer and he was able to make splash animations. Those are the things that made the popularity of Evoloko. Sadly he ruined his star with nonsense activities and undisciplined activities.

Unfortunately, we will never what would happen if Evoloko had become a big star. Probably Papa Wemba, Defao, Bozi Boziana, and Pepe Kalle would probably not that important. Who knows. Regardless Evoloko is one sad story.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sex with condoms

Man I have had a rough time with my life today. My college life has gone rough and man I gotten scrutiny and I have been criticized for just giving opinions on simple issues that can unite us. It is interesting that when I mind my own business then I get scorned but when I give a opinion on anything then I get called names as well. 

One topic that I can speak here is women I admit that I get very nervous  about seeing very sexy ladies and I tend to say sexual words and phrases to describe them. I get scorned for not caring to see a sexy woman. I wonder the fuck why? It is not like I want to fuck this woman. I am not saying that i wanto see the woman naked. I am not saying I want a woman to enjot taking advantage of the woman. I want to get one that I can love. A woman that if married can make love with. The on ethat I can secure, help, and support to make things better. It is important that I get a woman that I can be capatable with. 

But there is a topic that I actually want to discuss legitametely about. This topic has effects on the black community since it is the black history month and it happens to be around the time of Valentine's day. I am speaking of one topic which is what. It is the topic called Sex with Condoms. 

Why speak about this topic? There are several valid reasons about this. First of all, it is said that black women in US are the ones with the most STDS (although it can be debatable). Also, there is a heavy stigma about being a virgin and it seemed wrong to not have sex before marriage. In the bible, it is likely a sin because it can ruin a relationship but in our society, many people very much disagree. Finally, there is pressure on certain people (like black man) to have sex and sex as much as possible. It is sad but it the reality about the sex in our country America but it is also true around the world.
Charts showing the percentage of people in Africa with Aids

One bad place of effect is Africa. But obviously sex is not really promoted in the way it is in America. Africa has many issues and one of them being aids. Sex is not the only reason although it is a important reason for this issue. I would say Omar Pene says that aids is the problem and the poision of our society. Youssou N'Dour wants young people to understand the power of sex. If you have aids, Mwzakali Mbuli would like you to have hope no matter that there is a God in this wicked world. We have the word Sima which is usually Lingala for behind but that is probably known by artists like Tama. Who could be one the giving aids. Could be Baraka like the song by Hamid Baurodi. Or could be music from Luo guy Ayub Ogada with his spiritual mix of 10 percent. Also add some fire collect of firewood like Bernard Kabanda. Marysm Mursal made some great points under not shame yourself one bit. Also, Taso Choir wants you to know that there is forgiveness from God and look to him for forgiveness of aid. However a band like Zawose and Brook say bedbug bites terribly. Man that is a scary thing huh. Imagine you lose a person that you actually love as Papa Wemba says. I mean Papa Wemba means he can't imagine you dying. We need then to sing the song Heaven is my home if you believe that there is by Imbizo. Man that is going to be a serious outgoing song. Use a sound of the drummers of Burundi to do something unique. What is the damn solution to sex. Wait a minute. It should be. Yes the socks. Yep socks. Socks meaning condoms. Remmy Ongala says that sex is like soccer except two people together. A man and a woman together in a room with no one watching. He say get a CONDOM (SOCKS). That what he says is the solution. Get a condoms so you can be able to have at least real appropriate sex. Yes I guess that is one way. Ohh life is so hard. 

My advice to people especially youth including myself by the way, if I want sex. We need to have condoms in our body. So no std, no aids, or pregnancy results from it.