Friday, April 29, 2016

Franco vs Pepe Kalle: WAR BEGINS

Now I am doing one big thing that I never wanted to do but I am doing now since I have been asked to and I feel like is a bit controversial.

Here it is




Franco and Pepe Kalle are the kings. Franco is first and Pepe Kalle is second

I will cover this controversial topic of two people whom I consider the Congolese Music kings. Rumba and Soukous. I call Franco to be the "First King" which is Rumba. Second King which is Soukous, I say we name Pepe Kalle. Franco is first because he has the best Congolese music genre which is Rumba. Rumba and Soukous were started from Grand Kalle. Eventually these two genres became their own. While Franco beats Pepe Kalle in many things but they are areas where Pepe Kalle beats Franco. 

Nakofinika misala ya batu mibale nani nabengi bango "Mikonzi". Nabenga bango Rumba na Soukous. Nabenga Franco lokola Mokonzi ya liboso pamba te azalaka muziki ya liboso na muziki mukongo. Naloba na Rumba. Mokonzi ya mibale ezali na muziki ya Soukous. Nalobi Pepe Kalle azali mokonzi ya Soukous. Ezali maloba na nga na Franco na Pepe Kalle banani bazali mikonzi. Rumba na Soukous ebandaki wuta Grand Kalle. Bagenre mibale bakopasolamaka kozala ye moko pona moto nyonso komona. Ezali yasolo yango Franco alongi Pepe Kalle na biloko mingi kasi tomoni biloko yango Pepe Kalle alongi Franco. 

Tendré un tema que hablo de los reyes de la música congoleña. Digo la Rumba y el Soukous. Digo que Franco es la premiero rey de la música congoleña. Digo esto por que yo se que la rumba es premiero en la música congoleña. Pepe Kalle es el rey de la música soukous. Pepe Kalle es antes de Franco. Yo usted doy mis palabras de dos personas quien amo mucho. Rumba y Soukous viennen de Grand Kalle quien es el papa de la música congoleña. Sino Rumba y Soukous son dos genres diferente de la música congoleña. Yo se que Franco es mas gran que Pepe Kalle y Franco tienne cosos muchos mejor que Pepe Kalle sino Pepe Kalle tienne cosos algunos mejor que Franco. 

Eu vai dar você coisas alguns de Franco e Pepe Kalle quem eu digo que os reis da música congolesa. Eu digo que Franco é primeiro rei da música Congolesa. Por que Franco é em a música Rumba. Pepe Kalle é o rei da música Soukous. Pepe Kalle é antes de Ranco. Eu dou você mis palavras de doces pessoas que eu amo muito. Rumba e Soukous vem de Grand Kalle quem é o pai da música Congolesa. Mas Rumba e Soukous são dos genres diferente da música congolesa. Eu sei que Franco é mutio grande que Pepe Kalle e Franco tem coisas muitos melhor que Pepe Kalle mas Pepe Kalle tem coisas alguns melhor que Franco. 

Je parlerai ce sujet qui sera une grande polemique sur deux personnes que j'appelle les rois de la musique Congolaise. J'ai deux genres dans la musique Congolaise. La Rumba et Le Soukous. J'appelle Franco d'être le roi premier parce qu'il était une membre de la musique Rumba. Apres, j'appellerai Pepe Kalle d'être le roi deuxieme parce qu'il était une membre de la musique Soukous. Franco défait Pepe Kalle dans beaucoup de choses mais Pepe Kalle défait Franco dans quelques choses. C'est la vie des deux musiciens. 

Nitasema msomo hivi kwa ajili kasfa kubwa kwamba watu wengi walinitaka kusema kwa ajili muda mrefu. Wasanii wawili kwamba napenda sana katika muziki mwakongo. Nawaita wafalme wa muziki mukongo. Nasema Rumba na Soukous. Tangu Rumba ni kwanza kwangu, naita Franco ni mfalme wa kwanza kwa sababu alikuwa bwana kubwa katika muziki Rumba. Rumba na Soukous walitoka Grand Kalle lakini walikuwa muziki wao wenyewe. Franco anashida Pepe Kalle na mambo mingi lakini Pepe Kalle anashida Franco na mambo fulani. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Dream Trio: Josky Kiambukuta, Madilu System, Youlou Mabiala

Sorry guys, it has been a while. I have been through so many changes. More relationships dead, basic job almost overwhelms my day now, and other shit that I have take care of. Now you add in that I have no life. I mean no "real social" life. I don't give a fuck much but I know those around me who do and they make it a bigger deal than I do. But I am OK with it since most of my life, I have been on my own with very little social contracts anyway. 

But I got something that I like doing unlike those things. Finding fantasies and sharing them. One of them is a great trio team alongside Josky Kiambukuta
Now instead of Mamaki (Mayoni-Mabiala-Kiambukuta), now think about Makisy (Mabiala-Kiambukuta-System). 

I am speaking of a trioship between Josky Kiambukuta, Madilu System and Youlou Mabiala. Imagine if we had these three men sing together, I think there, we would have been able to find magic together. 

I think about the fact that Josky and Youlou just have a natural chemistry singing together. They have sang with some important singers in their age. 

But one person that would have been a great help in their assistance. Madilu System. Madilu's love to sing with "certain singers". Those who have strong voices and Madilu can come be the "relaxer" with his singing. 

Josky and Youlou would apperciate a Madilu because he will come in to assist their great chemistry rather than ruin it completely. 

That is why I think Josky should have done songs with the voices of Madilu System and Youlou Mabiala. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Change of Plans

I am sorry to do this. I did announce about this month being the time of Josky and Celine Dion. But since I have things going on, I am going to have to postpone those posts. 

Don't worry fans, you will get them soon and I will make my posts about them in the near future. I don't know when but you will get them. 

Be patient, I will be back. 

Nakozonga awa kopesa maloba na ngai pona bino nyonso. 
Parce que je vous veux de voir mes paroles de ces musiciens. 
Wakati narudi, mutaona maneno yangu na kwanini nasema nini nasema. 

Thank you

Franco Pepe Kalle

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Dream Trio: Josky Kiambukuta, Mbilia Bel, Tshala Muana

I have notice that Josky Kiambukuta hardly sang with women in his great musical career. Now if you wanted Josky to sing with two female singers, I actually think I found two people that fit in the music of Josky Kiambukuta. 

I think of Mbilia Bel and Tshala Muana. Two divas with big egos who could back it up with their voices. 

With Josky's ability to sing any note, I think these two women would be able to be good backup singers for Josky's need for his lead commandments. 

I got a song where I believe that this trio would have some big success if it was them together. 

The song by Mayaula Mayoni which he sings with Tshala Muana would actually be the song that I think it would have been great also if we had a Mbilia Bel, Tshala Muana and Josky Kiambukuta together. Plus you would get Mayoni plays his rhythm player though he had a very powerful voice. Josky can sing with low notes with Mbilia Bel with high notes since she would prefer that and Tshala Muana just do the middle note. If this scenario, I know many women would jumping up and down. 

That song inspired the special of Josky, Mbilia Bel and Tshala Muana. 

Dream Trio: Josky Kiambukuta, Nyboma, Soki Vangu

I have to do this. For many reasons. I am speaking about my great trioship. Imagine if we had these three men. 
1) Josky Kiambukuta
2) Nyboma 
3) Soki Vangu 

I have my reasons why they should have sang with together. 
1) Josky Kiambukuta has such a diversity as a singer 
2) Nyboma can sing with anyone 
3) Soki Vangu seemed to be able to tolerate everyone's sound 
4) Josky has a appreciation of musical diversity in Congolese Music 
5) Incredible melody of Nyboma and Soki Vangu singing together while Josky does his strong singing. 

I think these words explain my view of my imagination of these three singers together. I believe that they would be able to spark the fans with their voices melding together. 

The trio special: Josky, Nyboma and Soki Vangu

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Soki Vangu is truly underrated: Soki Dianzenza is truly overrated

Lately I have been doing some deep listening to Bella Bella songs including the ones that I posted in YouTube especially over two songs that did not have the more "popular" Soki in the song.

I am speaking about Soki Dianzenza and older brother Soki Vangu as you can in this picture here. The younger beard man was Emilie Soki and the older man on the right was Maxime Soki. 

Here is what I am going to say. I am going to say this and I know Bella Bella fans will mad at me. I understand why? 

Soki Dianzenza is totally overrated and Soki Vangu is so underrated. I have been thinking this way and now, I am very convinced that it is the case. 

Think of this way, the main reason why people even care to listen to Bella Bella is primarily because of Emilie Soki. Maxime Soki is not exactly the "most exciting" singer. That kills him. Because Emilie was the "exciting" one. He had more passion in his voice (though Maxime had great passion too). Emilie was the one who was like Madilu and Mayaula Mayoni, so unpredictable with his voice. When he sang with Nyboma and Soki Vangu, his voice was much lower and more manly. But during his return from his should have never existed band Bella Mambo, his voice seemed to be more hyper and much more fascinating. 

That is probably why people overvalue Soki Dianzenza more than they should. Also since he was a wild character with a great voice like he did, so many people are fascinated by that as well. That might be another reason why Soki Dianzenza is overvalued. And finally, because Soki Dianzenza had more energy as a singer. 

But people fail to recognize is that Soki Vangu is pretty important for the success of Bella Bella. It was Soki Vangu that kept the band going when Soki Dianzenza decided to venture his own thing. TWICE, I might add. 

Maxime Soki continued Bella Bella in the 1980s when his brother Emilie bailed on him again when his issues finally got him captured. So sad because the Sokis could have continued but Emilie's issues became too overbearing clearly. But of course people bail on Maxime since he no longer had his brother in his wing. 

Maxime Soki has never gotten his due because people really think mostly of Emilie Soki and they like and they will continue to try to forget about Maxime Soki as they would say he was "cocktail" of Emilie Soki that Emilie was the only special one. 

That is how I guess that people see Bella Bella group. Majority consider Emilie Soki as the special one and Maxime Soki as the secondary and almost non valuable one. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Announcement: Dream Duet all for Celine Dion in February

Now if you love Celine Dion, you will love this news. 

I am announcing this for everyone to get. For the month of February, I am going to give one person a focus on all five duets.

Celine Dion. Why? This year has been hard on her. She has been going through a lot. 

Also, I love Celine Dion too much. I am a big fan of her songs and more importantly her voice. Her voice is special and it gives me joy to hear each and each time I listen. 

I know a lot of singers that I believe need to sing with this woman. Because I believe that Celine Dion would benefit singing with other singers. 

Next month, you will see who I think needs to do a duet with Celine Dion themselves. 

Wait and see.