Monday, May 4, 2015

Mes paroles de la chanson Dadou

Bonjour mes amis. Mes amis chrétiens. Mes amis hindous. Mes amis musulmans. Mes amis athées. Dieu vous bénisse. Être bénisse. Allah vous bénisse

Je parle de la chanson de Pepe Kalle. Il s'appelle Dadou. Je connaissais déjà deux versions de ce chanson. Il y a en 1986 et 1997. Mais je ne connaissais jamais la version originel jusqu'à maintenant. 

C'est autour les années de 1976 et 1977. Je suis amoureux avec ce version. J'entends la grand voix de Pepe Kalle. C'était quand il était jeune. Jeune homme. 

Son voix était special pour les certaines personnes. Les certaines personnes jouissaient ce chanson. Mais ce version est different des autres versions. Premier, j'entends aucun Tshiluba. Deuxième, c'est juste la voix de Pepe Kalle. Finalement, c'est la musique soukous et pas la musique Mutuashi. 

Les animations de Pepe Kalle sont mieux que les animations en les autres chansons de Dadou. 

Aujourd'hui, il faut que je sois heureux avec ce chanson. Parce qu'il faut que il nous donne un raison pour un grand amusant. 

Je suis heureux avec la chanson pour la voix de Pepe Kalle. C'est la vrai moment de Pepe lui-même. Pepe Kalle démontrait son grand voix. Il démontrait son confiance. Il était en un stage de grandir. Sa musique serait légendaire dernier apres ce chanson. 

Comme nous savons, Pepe Kalle ferait deux plus chansons de Dadou. Mais chacun chanson, il parlerait moins et moins de Lingala et plus et plus de Tshiluba. 

Si tu obtiens la chansons, tu seras heureux d'écouter ce chanson. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Top 10 Songs: Lutumba Simaro

This will be my first series of another round: TOP 10 songs 

This edition will be Lutumba Simaro. I will put them for your enjoyment. 

Here we go. My selections

10) Andre Kisangani 

9) Tala Merci Bapesaka na Mbwa 

8) Minuit Eleki Lezi 

7) Cedou 

6) Mbongo 
5) Coeur Artificiel 

4) Testament ya Bowule 

3) Mandola 

2) Ebale ya Zaire

1) Mabele 

That is my list. You may not agree. But if you feel different, please say any comment.

I will do this series less than I do with the Dream Duets but this series will continue from now on. 

Reflection: The poet Lutumba Simaro

Hello my friends, in the Easter weekend, it is the time for me to speak one person that has so much greatness in Congolese Music. It is someone that does not get appreciated enough in my opinion. 

I am going into the reflection with the poet of Congolese Music. His name is Lutumba Simaro or some call him Simaro Masiya. Simaro is one special artist who always hold a great put into the Congolese Music scene. 

He was born in 1938. He would start his music career with some local bands before his life totally changed. He would join the great Congolese band Le TPOK Jazz with the leadership of then the young Franco. He would eventually become vice-president of OK Jazz after the departure of Vicky Longomba. Simaro and Franco would become a force in their songs. Franco had a tendency to be more straight forward and somewhat tough in his songs. Simaro had a tendency to be more colorful and more poetic and flowering like in his songs. 

Through out Simaro's musical career, he managed to make songs like Maya, Mabele, Andre Kisangani, Ofela, Kadima, and many others. Simaro would finally be able to lead his own band after Franco's death in 1989 before he made Bana OK in 1994. Simaro has and is still faithful in Kinshasa. He has never lived in Europe. 

Now Simaro is a retired musician. He is living and resting well in Kinshasa. He has lived 77 years in this earth. 

Simaro is one of the few musicians from the second generation to be with us. I am so grateful to know the music of Simaro Lutumba. Lutumba will always be one great moment for Congolese Music forever. 

I just hope that one day that the Congolese society in Kinshasa will make a memorial for Lutumba Simaro like they have done for Franco and Tabu Ley

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dream Duet: Celine Dion and Mariah Carey

I am happy to leave the best for last. Because this is the dream duet I believe would have been a great moment in music in American History. Two powerful female singers who can meld their aggressive sounds together. 

I am saving the best for last. I am going into two of favorite female singers. Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. These are the two singers that would have been great not only on some records but even make a collaboration album. They were made for each other. 

I have too many reasons why they should be duet partners but imagine hearing Mariah's lovely feminine voice and then get the more passionate emotional Celine, you got a song that would move you. I think they could have made some incredible R&B and other slow songs together because their voices would fit into something mellow and lovely.

I also know that when you put these two singers together, you could have unexpected magic. Also it fits since they are different people. Mariah loves the spotlight while Celine is open but very more musical. That in my view is perfect. Because you can take Mariah's addiction of fame and Celine's pure love of music into a song that would move you and make you just appreciate music as it is. 

But here is one artist they are both fans of:


They have both worked with the great R&B singer and songwriter Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo is known as one singer that helped artists such as Michael Jackson, Mary J Blige, Monica, Mary J. Blige, Usher, Mario and others. 

Mariah Carey did a song with Ne-Yo on a song called Angels Cry. It was a popping love song. I enjoyed it a lot when I first heard of this song. 
Ne-Yo made a nice pop sound duet with Celine Dion on a song called Incredible. This song is definitely a club banger. Celine Dion sounds perfect. 

I think one way that a great duet could be made between Celine Dion and Mariah Carey is have the songwriting and lyrics from Ne-Yo himself. Make sure he can be able to make the song for Celine and Mariah to be able to make the song or songs powerful. 

Here are some Mariah performances I enjoy 
Here are some Celine's performances I love 

I can say those performances show you how great they are. I think they could have more power if they team up and make some records together. I believe this duet is more probable than most of the dream duets that I can imagine. 

I am fortunate to both hear their voices and know their music as much as I can. There are some songs of other artists and themselves that I believe would have fitted Mariah Carey and Celine Dion together.


I'll Be There (The Mariah Carey version) 
I still believe 
The way it is 
Always be my baby 
What's Going On (Marvin Gaye) 
Angel (Aretha Franklin)
You've got a friend (Carol King)  
Imagine (John Lennon)

I will end by saying that if there is one duet that needs happen is seeing the vocals of Celine Dion and Mariah Carey in a great song. This is a duet I think would make the most sense. This dream duet would make sense totally. 

Later on, I will look for more songs or causes of I want to see a duet of Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. This is one of the dream duets that I really hold to my heart. 

Dream Duet: Mariah Carey and Shania Twain

Hello my followers and friends alike. I am hoping you are having a amazed time in your lives. Luckily, I have managed to find some amazing duets. Now I am going to do another dream duet. I am going to do five before the end of March.

I am speaking of Shana Twain and Mariah Carey. These two divas would have been a good duo. Shania Twain is one of the few Country singers that have successfully crossed over to other field where people have no choice but to give her respect. No wonder why when Taylor Swift did more fully, she is a international star and people want to take her out. Mariah Carey loves Hip Hop but she is always been opened to some other music beside the ones that she enjoyed. 

Mariah Carey and Shania Twain would have been a perfect duo for some reasons. 
1) They are from different genres
2) They both love to be show offs. 
3) They are able to meld with anyone. 

When I listen to their voices, I can see some notable differences. Mariah's voice is a more soft and tender while Shania's voice is more raunchy and aggressive. 

To end this, I got two songs that would have been great for Shania and Mariah to sing their voices together. 

Always be my baby 

Forever and always 

Dream Duet: Chaka Khan and Diana Ross

Now when I have been hearing some soul songs and some general R&B songs, I feel these two female singers would have melded together in my opinion if producers recognized this. 

I got see something good coming from Chaka Khan and Diana Ross. These are two singers I feel would have been a powerhouse if they made a powerful duet together. 

Here are my reasons why I think they should have teamed up. 
Only three reasons why. 
1) Chaka Khan and Diana Ross are very expressive
2) They have lived some very public things about their personal lives. 
3) With their personal lives, they were very inspired and put their emotions into some songs especially love songs. 

If Diana Ross and Chaka Khan made a duet together, it would be popping in some people's yards especially older people's yard. You could even have graduation parties play their duet song. Because you would have had two powerful voices singing their butts off. 

Here is one song by Chaka Khan that should now include Diana Ross. Her famous song Tell something very good. 

Dream Duet: Mariah Carey and Mary J Blige

Here we go with one duet that makes the most sense and the one that would have made some Hip Hop DJs, R&B fans and Gangstas enjoy alike all together. 


If I were a nice thug, and I wanted two R&B female singers to make some hits, I kick to Mariah Carey and Mary J Blige who is considered the Queen of Hip Hop Soul in which I agree 100 percent. She was the first R&B artist to really incorporate hip hop successfully into R&B. 

Mariah Carey and Mary J Blige would have been made for each other because their voices are different but aggressive. Mary's vocals tend to be more manly with Mariah's vocals tend to be more feminine sound. But they are both passionate singers. 

I give some Mary J songs. 

I give some Mariah Carey songs 

Those songs are great but here two songs from them that would have been better if they sang it together. 

The songs No More Drama and Fantasy would have been better sounded if they crossed paths and sang it together. Just my opinion. 

Mariah Carey and Mary J Blige should come together and make some records and that way some hip hop fans would be bouncing their heads to their vocals.