Monday, May 28, 2012

Pepe Ndombe Opetum Today

Today we have a update about the late Ndombe Opetum aka PEPE NDOMBE. Pepe Ndombe has his new song now exposed to the whole public to see his new song that would have gotten Ndombe respect.

Also I have pleasure to show you another video of Pepe Ndombe. This performance was with his children including former Wenge Maison Mere de Werrason member Baby Ndombe. Here they are performing his known song Macha. Also there is a interview with Lutumba Simaro "La Poet" who explains what is going on after Ndombe.
Here is the video


I am happy for this day. I am dedicating a post to the veterans who are alive and deceased who served wars in Vietnam up to the Iraq war.

I am so proud of our soldiers who fought hard to keep our America safe. Americans ought to be grateful for the greatness of what our Veterans have done. I give kudos to President Obama for reminding Americans that the Vietnam veterans need to get their due now.

Here is respect to the veterans.

Franco: Attention Na Sida

Well we enter the late 1980s in the Congolese Music Scene. Things began to change. More people wanted Soukous Music to come up. Rumba Music seemed to become the music of the past.

Now we speak of one person that many people started to turn their backs on. I am speaking of Le Grand Maitre Franco. He unfortunately became sick. He decided to make one of his final records. One record was called Attention Na Sida. That song was Franco's song where he warn people about becoming aware of Aids and HIV. He speaks about people who can get affected by this sad diesase. He also complains about why many authorities are doing little to let people know about this sad diease.

Franco knew what he was talking about and he actually spoke perfect French. Franco was correctly telling people about this disease and how we need to work hard to prevent people from this sad disease. Sadly Franco passed away only two years after this song came out. RIP Franco.

Aretha Franklin is still the boss.

I say that Aretha Franklin still knows how to put a show down and knows how to conduct. She is basically 68 years old ald and soon will be 70 years old in two years.

She proved that in a recent concert back in February 13, 2012. She did her very known song RESPECT. She did some entertainment while performing this song. This proves to me that she can still throw down a show and knows to be truly entertaining. Better my favorite is when Revenard Al Sharpton dances on stage and does James Brown's famous dance.

Now this is what I call a performance. Watch this performance and ENJOY.

Celine Dion ends up crying

I feel this performance is one of my favorite performances of Celine Dion since a while. When I was only hearing Celine Dion music, I found this performance and I was so deeply touched by this performance.

I am speaking of her song she did called My Love. I expected Celine to be passionate but as she performed on Oprah, she started to cry a little bit and she became more emotional as she got on and on. At the end of the performance, she ended up in tears and she had a enjoyment while crying.

I say that Celine Dion had joy and pain singing this song. Yes she is married and that must be why she had so much emotion into this song. See this performance and ENJOY!!!!!

Ndombe Opetum song: YOUYOU

One song from Pepe Ndombe that I found to be a classic song was the song from OK Jazz. That picture above you see is when Ndombe Opetum was a member of Afrisa with Tabu Ley. Ndombe definitely knew how to shine.

Now the song I am going to inform about from the late Pepe Ndombe was the song called YOUYOU. This was Ndombe's great song during the early 1980s when OK Jazz was reaching its peak as a band alongside Afrisa International. Ndombe really shined in this song and he showed how much of a genius he actually was a singer. He also gave a inner passion that we often don't see often from a musician. I see other singers support him with Lukoki Diatho, late Ntesa Dalienst & Wuta Mayi.

Ndombe Opetum was showing you how good of a singer he was in this performance. Not only that but he tried to tell Youyou how important she was to him. So you have a perfect song made here. I hope others will be able to hear this great song.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ndombe Interview One

Here is one interview with Pepe Ndombe back in April 2011 on the show called SEKELE. Watch this interview of Pepe Ndombe.

Reaction of Pepe Ndombe's passing

I found two videos of the latest on Pepe Ndombe Opetum's sad passing.

Here are two videos of reaction of Pepe Ndombe's death. RIP Pepe Ndombe

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pepe Ndombe Gone

I had plans to kick some excellent music for you guys but sadly I have to be put that on hold as I have sad news to tell people.

The news which was a big deal yesterday is the death of Ndombe Opetum aka Pepe Ndombe and the father of former Wenge Musica Maison Mere singer Baby Ndombe. Pepe Ndombe passed away yesterday at the age of 68.

For those who do not know Pepe Ndombe, he was a great Congolese singer. He was born in Bandundu in the city of Mai-Ndombe. He was born in 1944. He had music on his mind.

He started his music career with his own band Afrizam which had influence from Afrisa Fiesta of Tabu Ley. Tabu Ley himself wanted Ndombe so Ndombe joined Tabu Ley in 1971 or 1972. They made some great songs together like Cherie Samba. That song had huge impact with many people even my father. My dad told me a few months ago that this song had a profound impact in his life.

Then Ndombe joined Franco and TPOK Jazz in 1975 after Sam Mangwana left the band. From there Ndombe really was able to shine. As result, he made some classics like Youyou, Mawe, and Voyage Ya Bandundu. He was a golden man as he got sing alongside with Josky, Djo Mpoyi, Youlou Mabiala, and Ntesa Dalinest. Ndombe also had another band of his own called Tiers de Monde. He also was a big contributor to the band Bana OK.

But the thing I like about Ndombe was his work with Madilu. He and Madilu made a album which contained 5 classic songs. One particular song I liked from Ndombe was the song Baiser Ya Judas. That song made Ndombe's voice stand out.

Pepe Ndombe is no longer here but his memory will live on.

PS The next posts I make will be the tribute to Pepe Ndombe himself.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tres Impoli

This song ironically relates to the day I had yesterday in school. On the bus I was on from my physics trip, I had a conversation with a friend of mine about where the place I would go to in order to help people if I was to be involved in Minerals which could be possible as ymy job in the near future. I could end up doing that with technology base. I menti0ned places esepecially in Africa countries like Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Congo, and Cameroon. However, some loser colleague of mine decided to bitch to me because I SEEMED RACIST. BS. I don't hate any group. Worse, than I was speaking about some types of Congolese women. I said one group tends to be very militant. My friends say that women who are in the army are too manly. Before I had a chance to respond,t that same loser decided to be rude and bitch at me again for saying that my friend had said. She decides to act she knows everything and gets overly sensitive. She says I have social problems. I do but at LEAST I ADMIT. She got social problems too and if she thinks she can get away with it, well then she will pay for what she did.

My sort of ranting is the basic thing which leads to the song I am going to share with you of my review of the song TRES IMPOLI. It comes from Grand Maitre Franco. Franco made a song about being impolite. In fact TRES IMPOLI means VERY IMPOLITE. Franco mentions several thing such as dirty socks and even women associates. Quite selective topics if you ask me. But, Franco was understanding life in general. No wonder many common Kinshasa people liked Franco.

Franco made this song unique with his singing and how much entertaining Franco was. Franco just knew how to be relatable. I guess that is why I am also a Franco fanatic too.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Garou and Celine Dion Duet

I am so sorry for not writing a post for a week. Generally I don't this. Unfortunately I have been incredibly busy with so much crap. School, Facebook, Temporary Jobs, and other things have consumed my time as a result, I have had little chance to do a post here.

Well one post I want to share is the duet between two people. Garou and Celine Dion who is a excellent female singer. Celine Dion is a Canadian as well as Garou. They both know French very well. In fact Celine Dion's first language is really French not English. Celine Dion got English when she was actually in her 20s (I mean early 20s).

In fact the song I am about to share with you is a song that is done in French not English. The song is called Sous La Vent. This song is so beautiful and hearing the voices of Garou and Celine Dion together make a beautiful combination and you hear beautiful music here. That said, hear this beautiful song and enjoy.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

What would be like if I was a radio host?

Oh this weekend took a weird turn. No really, it took a weird turn. I had went to my sister's buddy's 8th birthday and I did manage to have fun somewhat and my sister really had a good time. It was good because my sister needs to have fun and be able to who she is.

Now unexpectedly, things went on a very different course. When I was dicussing about life when me with my siblings would become adults, my parents want me to do some health stuff. Well I do plan to become a health informatic. I also like to do something productive in life. But then things totally got out of hand. My parents thought being a musician was my passion. So was acting but I found it to be lame.

Well one thing that my parents think I could be is a radio host. I could also see myself as a radio host. Yep I said it, RADIO HOST. I am not sure if I will be an effective radio host. I do not know even I want to be a RADIO HOST.

I would like to know what it will if I became a RADIO HOST. Well actually I would probably have the skills to be a RADIO HOST. Afterall, I do like to talk big time. Also I just have the natural wave of talking and speaking about music in general.

I wonder what I would call my show. I will have to wait and see.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Deep value of Pepe Kalle & Simaro- Trahison

There is a great record that I cannot get enough of. Lately I have been enduring lots of scrutiny for being more happier than many of my misguided colleagues. But I take advantage of being a good person who cares about the world.

One group who has been under so much scrutiny is my fellow Congolese people as they are suffering so much in Congo itself and are barely developed with so much pain that they have to endure every day and seeing women being raped and children being forced into coltan makes me sick to my stomach.

I do live in a highly civilized society and I do have some good money and yes I have been blessed with some great things. But I do not and will not forget where I CAME FROM. I apperciate the roots that I have been given. I need to be grateful for what I GOT.

This rant of mine leads this song that I has been touching my heart lately. I am speaking of my idol late Pepe Kalle and great poet of Zaire name Lutumba Simaro. These two great giants teamed for the last time which was a year before Pepe Kalle's unfortunate passing. This song touches me in many ways that I cannot understand and for some reason I sometimes weep when I hear this song. It is so damn touching to me as a young Congolese American who has endured to so much pain. I have been through so much challanges because of this idea of being the perfect American is so redicilous unless you apperciate your roots.

Anyway this song is called Trahison. This song has a deep message behind it. Pepe Kalle sings about the beauty of challanges. The hard life of love, marriage, family, and of course friends. Also Pepe Kalle speaks about the importance of the soil that you come from. This message is powerful to me as I struggle to get through. But I am someone who will keep going because I understand how hard life is.


Pepe Kalle 1951-98

Choc Stars- POT COSSE

I have to be honest and be very honest as a male specie. I feel that this song is probably the most raunchy smokin Congolese love songs that I have ever seen in my whole life.

I am speaking about the record by Choc Stars which is a big love song. The song is called POT COSSE. The song was released in 1986 or 1987 period.

This song makes me rethink about my "male" desires as I love so many hot women around my area of life and as I become obessed with wanting that hot women to stand out. There are so many sexy women around my neighborhood and my area where I live. There are too many hot white girls that all of them are smokin mamas and you got some fine black women with hot asians as well as the very hot mixed girls especially those who are mixed mexican or mixed black. YUMMY. I just cannot get enough of women I suppose. I just one woman to be my honey and I desperate to just spend one romantic time with a sexy minded woman.

My rant sorts matches the narrative of the song. This song was composed by Roxy Tshimpaka. The one who sings this song is Carlyto Lassa. His voice sounds very sexy as he wants to share his desire to be with that WOMAN. He speaks about how he wants a woman who loves him as much as he loves her and does not want to be cheated. He wants that woman to feel that he is loved and that he will always be treated well.

It is a beautiful love song and I want more people to hear this song. It is sexy and it is very poetic in my view. I love this song so much. I cannot get enough of it. It is one of the most beautiful love songs I have seen for some time.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CELINE DION- My heart will go on (OSCARS 1998)

        This performance is clearly a powerful performance one in my opinion. I am speaking about this performance of the great diva Celine Dion. She performs the song "My Heart Will Go On" which brings major joy into my ears as a music listener. That really is important to me. Celine Dion is one of the greatest female voices in music that I have seen for a long time. I like this performance on Oscars because it allowed Celine to shine in many ways. See this performance & ENJOY.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pepe Kalle tribute concert gets major controversy

Well this weekend was excellent. I got to go Prom and I have a few pleasures there and there. Also I was able to dance and just jam to music.

But this weekend got more entertaining for the wrong reasons though. Well last week, there was a plan to have a Pepe Kalle tribute concert in Brussels which would also include former Empire Bakuba guitarist Kinanga Boeing or KVK 737. This man said this concert was only to give tribute to Pepe Kalle and have people remember Pepe Kalle himself. It also included other musicians such as Willy Bula and Yan Koy.

However the concert will likely be canceled because a few combattants are protesting and wanting to prevent this Pepe Kalle tribute concert from occuring at all. Yannick Koy got very mad in the video and let the camera man know that he is only playing to have people remember Pepe Kalle. Interestingly even many known combattants were kind of poking fun at the combattants are who trying to prevent this show from happening. It is not a pretty situation indeed. Not at all. Regardless one combattant man is trying to prevent this show from happening and he may likely win.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Value of Mariah Carey's Whistle Register

I got the great value of Mariah Carey's great voice and her known thing that got her pretty much all her recognition: WHISTLE REGISTER.

Now you wonder what it is huh, well you wonder what the hell is a whistle register? Well it is a whistle that is basically singing sound. It mean you yell whistle. That is the Whistle Register. It was popularized by the likes of Minnie Riperton.

But one person who used it a lot and got fame for it alone was and is Mariah Carey. This woman used this throughout her career. It got her some great recognition. It made her so popular. I mean Mariah used this a lot on some of her records. It made her a legend.

The value of Mariah Carey's whistle register is very high. I enjoy it because it makes Mariah stand out from her rest of her generation. The value of Mariah's whistle register is good because that is also the way she was able to make some valuable performances as well as duets. It led to her being able to keep going as a singer. That is why the value of Mariah's Whistle Register is so key for Carey herself.

Here is some collection from Carey's Whistle Register

Was Pamelo Mounka's last album good or not?

OK now I am back doing what I do best, I am going to start by asking one important question: WAS PAMELO MONUK'A'S LAST ALBUM GOOD OR NOT?

Why do I ask this question, well because I have seen people make fun of this album saying it is completely crap or it is a masterpiece or belongs to the garbage can. Well here what I think of the final album of Pamelo Mounka.
If you want the actual music of Mounka with the songs, go to this post here

I say this album is a great masterpiece. Yep I said it is a masterpiece. Now why do I say that. Because there are some unqiue songs from this album. Now obviously the guitars stink and the guitars don't bring anything special but the vocals are on top notch especially from Pamelo himself.

The two songs I really like from this album is Shuna and Marie-Line M'A Dit. These two songs, you see some unique singing of Pamelo Mounka. Do not forget that you got some unique characters themselves on this album like Shimita and Ballou Canta. I mean that equals gold in the songs and they mean some valuable stuff. Also Shuna, Pamelo's poetic voice fitted in the soukous song itself. That is what I call genius.

So you got my answer: The album was good.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

One look at Celine Dion

I am sorry for my regular followers for not making a psot over a week or so. I have been filled so many stuff. School, Facebook, and forum discussion have been killing my time and I have not been able to make a valuable post. Also unfortunately I have seen some good music from other artists (besides Congolese musicians) and they also have consumed my time too. It is quite interesting.

One of them is this female artist below here

You may know who is this artist is. Maybe you don't. Either way I am now focusing on this artist: CELINE DION. Yep the picture you see above you is the young Celine Dion (1994, three years before my heart will go on even existed). Why am I focusing on this artist. Well the thing about Celine Dion is that she is a incredible singer. For some reason, I am getting addicted to her singing and it has a impact on me that is quite deep. When I hear songs like The Colour of My Love, Power of Love, My Love, or My Heart Will Go On, I am hear Celine be very passionate into her music.

Not just that, not forget to mention, Celine Dion even crys sometimes on her performance. I have watched them over and over again and I can tell they are so real. Yep so real. Celine Dion showcases me and other fans of her that she is a true singer and even get emotional on her performances. I find that fun to see.

Celine Dion in my opinion is one of the most important singers that I have seen for a long time. She is now 44 years old and has been blessed with three children with her husband Rene Angelil. She has made some memorable songs with poise and passion. Also she had some unique collaborations with other artists. Uniqueness is one of the many words that describe Celine Dion.

PS, I will show you some of my favorite performances from this woman.

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