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One Look at Lipua Lipua

I am looking at this band a bit more than I had intended to do. I thought this band was just another band in the block and that many people care about them. I guess I was living a fantasy land.
The band I am speaking about is the band Lipua Lipua. This band was a band that was from another band: Bella Bella. In 1973, Bella Bella had left the Veve Label to form their own label. Bella Bella made a sng that would soon become the other band for the Veve Label. That band became known as Lipua Lipua. The original members included Pierre Bissikita, Kevin Kayembe, Tonton Ricos, Mulembu Tshibau, Mbubi Malanda, Nyboma, and Pepe Kalle. They produced some songs like Massale, Lusamba, Nkoleta, and Mombassa. But their signature song was Kamale which would be the song of the year in Zaire.

But Lipua Lipua experienced some departures like Pepe Kalle, Pierre Bissikita, and others. Bissikita formed his own band Makosso and Pepe Kalle went back to fully doing his band Empire Bakuba. But these departures seemed forgotten when they produced some notable songs like Fuga Fuga and Niki Bue. Also there was a new Rhythm Guitarist man name Vata Mombassa. Lipua Lipua was on top to become a hot band to be a force to be reckon.

Once again another blow came after. In 1975, the likes of Mulembu, Tonton Ricos, and Nyboma left to form Les Kamale. However these departures looked such a footnote. That is because new people arrived. Lists of these new guys included Kiloto Toko, Luswama Aspro, Santana Mongoley, and others. But the man who got his chance to shine and make his light is Paul Nzayadio better known as Nzaya Nzayadio. This man would be the lead singer for most of Lipua Lipua records for a few years. This was good for Lipua Lipua.

As result they managed to produce some classic songs like Mbondo, Matoba, Sekizenge, Namona Ya Wapi, and Mfeuni. This got Lipua Lipua got some well deserved spotlight and they were becoming the hot band. Also they were able to do some performances and personnels like Nzaya Nzayadio and Vata Mombassa were being able to show their skills to everyone to see how chart topping they could be.

However, Lipua Lipua started losing its thunder in 1980 after all the success it have had were becoming meaningless as more people became interested in other bands like Empire Bakuba, Viva La Musica, and Zaiko Langa Langa. Lipua Lipua was left in the backburner though they continued making music during the early 1980s. By 1984, Lipua Lipua was offficially done. Vata Mombassa continued to do his own thing while Nzaya Nzayadio became a session singer.

Lipua Lipua was a great band in my opinion. This band I say was slightly better than Bella Bella and even Orchestre Kiam. I say that Lipua Lipua's best time was with Nzaya Nzayadio's smooth voice and Vata Mombassa's great rhyhm guitar playing. That is what I say was the best Lipua Lipua time not really when Nyboma or him and Pepe Kalle were in the band. Lipua Lipua under Mombassa managed to showcase the one man Nzaya Nzayadio a lot. Really Nzaya was at his best during this time. Nzaya Nzayadio was a unique singer.

Interesting info on Bella Bella

I am going to speak on the interesting info on one band that I intially found nothing special but now I realize the importance of this group. I mean afterall, we had some notable songs I am aware come from this band. Also, this band made some songs that are not so forgettable.

The focus here is Bella Bella. This band was a great band born into the spotlight. This band was formed the Soki Brothers. It was Emilie Diazenza Soki and Maxime Vangu Soki. These two men were brothers. Soki Vangu was born in 1948 while Soki Diazenza was born in 1955.

Soki Vangu had a unique beginning. Actually it turns out that Soki Vangu had sang for Le Negro Success under the leadership of Franco's young brother Bavon Marie Marie before it died in 1970 after Bavon died in a car accident.

Soki Diazenza was a guy who never made it much to school and was always wanting to be in the spotlight. Well he won a singing contest in 1969.

From there, the brothers met and wanted to start a music career. They decided to come together and form a band together. They formed the band Bella Bella which means in spanish I think Beautiful Beautiful. But if so, it describes the band perfectly with some their classic songs.

They started doing hot by making some notable songs like Mado and Musoso. These songs helped rise the band Bella Bella and it started to become somewhat a good challanger to OK Jazz de Franco and Afrisa de Tabu Ley.

However when they joined the Veve Label, that is where all the problems started. Many musicians left the band however it leads to notable additions including Tonton Ricos, Manzenza, Michael, and Shaba Kahamba. Also another person joins them which is Nyboma. There now Bella Bella had four singers in Soki Diazenza, Soki Vangu, Mulembu Tshibau, and Nyboma. These four singers would shine for Bella Bella. But soon, Soki Diazenza had become very egoistic and was making Vangu mad. As result, Soki Diazenza left to do his own short lived attempt to do Bella Mambo. Soki Vangu felt he needed to get someone to come with him for a short stint. He found his luck.

While this situation was going on, there was another band in the block that had some notice. This time, Empire Bakuba was going on action to show their stint. They made some early songs like Nazoki, and Nabokula Ya Sabina. This band had the trio "KADIMA" who were Jose Dilu "Dilu Dilumona", Matolu Dode "Papy Tex" and Kabasele Yampanya "Pepe Kalle". However this band was not really going anywhere money and it seems that they were making occassional songs. This reason is why Pepe Kalle felt the need to sing with other people. He already had appeared on Vercky's controversial song Nakomitunaka. So he decided to join Bella Bella for a few months. As result, Bella Bella made two signifcant songs which were Mbuta and Lipua Lipua with establishing the trio of Nyboma, Pepe Kalle, and Soki Vangu.

But Bella Bella got back to its original shape when Soki Diazenza but they left Veve and many musicians stayed with the label which led to the formation of the band Lipua Lipua. But Bella Bella was getting on track once again and it found itself having the high time during the periods of 1973-75 with producing songs like Zing Zong, Horoscope, Houlex Houlex, and Zamba. Thes songs help make Bella Bella a major force to be reckon with.

But in late 1975, the described erratic Diazenza relaunched the Bella Mambo which also had the personnels of Diblo Dibala and Kanda Bongo Man. This led to a incredible slowdown for Soki Vangu but he continued to perform without his brother being around him. This was around the time when Bella Bella still had popularity though not many new songs were coming out.

Then around 1978, the brothers come back together but it was too little too late. Soki Diazenza seemed to have no interest in making music and Soki Vangu must have felt so much pain emotionally seeing his brother not that into music. Soki Vangu received his final blow in 1980 when his brother as well as Shaba Kahamba, Ponig Mananga, and Diadi Kasi left the band. Shaba went to join Afrisa International de Tabu Ley. Before the departure of Shaba, Soki Vangu had released a few songs like Soki Vangu Aye and Petitie Zizina which is a tribute to his daughter Zizina. Bella Bella was pretty much no more by 1981.

Soki Vangu did some occassional performances in Europe and sometimes visited Kinshasa. Soki Diazenza was singing in bars for money singing his old songs. Both of these brothers died in 1990. First was Soki Diazenza and later was Soki Vangu. Vangu was 42 years old and Diazenza was 35 years old.

My take on Orchestre Kiam

This band is a very underrated band from the label Veve during the 1970s era. Really this band maybe one of the most underated bands during the 1970s era. But this band had a unique sound that was different from Les Kamale, Empire Bakuba, Veve, TPOK Jazz, Zaiko Langa Langa, and Lipua Lipua.

This band includes some interesting personnels. They include Bakolo Keta, Adoli, Djuke, Lele N'Sundi, Dezai, and Kady. Also it included the man who would be a session musician and collobrate with Zaiko Langa Langa name Adios Alemba.

This band would be somewhat popular in some time. They made some classic songs during the 1970s. They made some notable songs including Mofi Afonda, Kamiki, and Ngali. But their song that was known for their song Baya Baya. This song definitely helped Orchestre Kiam get some major popularity. This band seemed to have a major promise.

But in the late 1970s, it seemed that Orchestre Kiam had pretty much collapsed. This band just become a foreign band and passed away.

But one up side, one notable member of this band would join Zaiko Langa Langa for some time.

What is wrong with the Church?

 Why did I make a post about Vercky's 1972 controversial song Nakomitunaka (Verckys deals with Race in the Church) and Madilu's 2005 known song Maman Intercesseuse (Madilu exposes the church with its own desires of Money). THey have something to do with one thing and the essiential thing: THEY DEAL WITH THE MAJOR FLAWS OF THE CHURCH.

So here what I am essientially going to focus on: The major wrongs of the church. A lot of people think the church has just been corrupt now. That is far from true. Though I hate politics, however I am fascianted with history especially dealing with the church. In fact even during the BC years, the church had long had interest in their own flesh desires and not actually serving GOD himself. In fact one man who tried to raise this issue with John the bapist, and he basically sort of paid the price for trying to get the church to do the work of GOD not of their own flesh desires. This led to some major conflicts to come and it led to more issues in jerualism and Israel.

Jesus also questioned the church as he says all these priests pretend that they really are the true GOD servers when really they wanted to just get things that they wanted. Jesus was different. He actually believe in healing people. In fact, Jesus healed lots of people in his own church which was a church that had interesting to trying to make GOD happy and see his work be done. Jesus's love and his desire for people ultimately costed his life as some of the church hated his message of uniting and less fighting. Jesus was seen as the evil man but now Jesus is seen as a person who should be the ultimate idol.

I am pointing out that even in the bible days, figures like Jesus and John the Bapist were condemnded harshly for wanting to fix the church because they knew what the church was doing was so wrong.

And because of this, the church becomes more and more corrupt and it leads to more problems. Because of the stupidity of the church, it leads to major divisions of the church. Christianity becomes soon several divisons. Soon Christianity who becomes into Lutherism, Catholicism, Anglican, and Methodism and other fractions. But all the fractions have something in common: They only include some parts of the bible and use that for their theology. Because of that, many christians don't get along which now is why we have several churches of the thealogy. This is dumb because we only become ignorant and we become so into ourselves and not understand others.

Worse, these churches all have their major flaws. For example in England with the catholic church, it was a obligation for people to pay every single sunday to the church if they did not then they had to pay a tax fine and that would increase if they did not pay that tax. Comes the protetant church, there are so many problems with this church. I mean there are several fractions and no clear unity between. One particular group of people that has had issues was the group lutherism. One thing that many don't know about the man Martin Luther himself was he hated Jews. In fact, Adolf Hitler used a lot of Martin Luther's teaching to justify his hatred of the Jews and his reasons of why Jews deserved to be killed. Some people in the Lutherism church hold a major hatred of Jews and want Jews to be tortured and killed. SO SAD, HUH.

The history of the corruption of the church has led to some major pain, divisions and hatred. One particular thing that the church has done is use racism from the bible verses especially when it comes to slavery. Many churches used the bible to make blacks into slaves and were forced to thing for the powerful people. Also the church has misused the bible to justify that there should be no biracial marriage around. That it is so damn wrong. So patheticly false.

Also the church often protrays the bible figures as white people. This is why Verckys decided to question this on his song Nakomituna where he is asking rightfully why is it that only bible figures are white. I mean that is a good question but apparently that is dumb according to the church. 

Also the church has used money for fleshly desires not for the work of the almightly GOD. It has miused money for purposes for pastors or other church figures to get money and get things that only make them so happy. The church has forgotten that THEY NEED PEOPLE TO HAVE MONEY IN ORDER FOR THEM TO GET MONEY. Madilu was speaking about this on his song Maman Intercessuese. He speaks about a woman who asks to have some money but the preachers say that money only belongs to the church. You wonder also why the church is so stupid.

One good note that has exposed the crap of the church is Jefferson Bethke. This man made an ad saying that Jesus does not equal religion. He is the man who had the balls to finally expose the evil of the church. He correctly point out that Jesus means grace and love while relgiion means rules & bondages. I mean this man says that the church should stop relying on religion and rely on JESUS and GOD alone.

Here is the video
Here is the explanation behind the first video

Here is the ultimate thing I am trying to make. I do not hate the church. I respect the church and I know right from wrong. But I don't trust the church fully because I know it can be so corrupt. I have seen the wrong of the church. I trust Jesus. Jesus is the holy figure. I only hope the church becomes better and learn from its mistake.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Verckys's religious question

I posted this song because it is the song I was always aware that caused major controversy for many people and pratically the church would be so pissed hearing this song.

I am referring the song Nakomitunaka. This song was done by former OK Jazz saxophonist Verckys Kiamuangana Mateta. He is commoningly known as Verckys. Verckys is one unique man and he understood things. He made a controversial song. He makes a song called Nakomitunaka which literally means I ask myself. In this song, he asks GOD about why only the church puts pictures of the Chrisitian figures like Jesus, Matthew, Paul, John, and others as white figures and why none of them can be displayed as black figures. He also talks to GOD that this is not fair and it brings major prejudice in the church.

This idea of questioning the church angered the Congolese catholic church and they tried very hard to ban this song from getting any airways. But here is the thing: IT WAS A BASIC EPIC FAIL. This song was so popular that the song was totally unbannable. As result this song can be played anytime for people to hear.

I applaud Verckys for correctly question the church about the race of people because it is certain that not all Bible people were purely white. There must be other races in that bible all wise everyone would be white.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Controversy of Madilu's song Maman Intercesseuse

When I posted this song about two and half months ago, I thought it was just an ordinary post and it would not have so much popularity. But it did. This song comes from the classic 2005 album CHIFFRE THREE. This album had personnel of Josky Kiambukuta, Madilu System, Malage De Lulendo, Elba A, Caen Madoka, and others. This album was one of the top charting albums in Kinshasa in 2005.

Madilu sang four songs which were Tshatco Mbala, Maguy, Maman Intercesseuse, and Parfum de Femme. Those songs with Madilu were Madilu's A game when it came to vocals. However the song that stood out from those was the song MAMAN INTERCESSEUSE. This song apparently was controversial. I wonder why? Turns out this song was not a ordinary song but a song that exposes some deep shit.

Turns out the song "Maman Intercesseuse" is about something more than just the Mom. It is about the CHURCH. This song begins with the Mother speaking about how good God is and how everyone will eventually do things in the name of GOD "Messiah". But she later asks the preacher, who will take of my children and what will happen in life. The preacher responds, "I have found the answer. God will provide". Later on, it gets sort of dramatic, as mother struggles to make ends meet in many occurrences expecting that the church will give some money to her. But the preacher responds sort of angrily saying "I HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER. MONEY BELONGS TO THE CHURCH (GROUP)". As the songs get going, Madilu narrates about how the Church seems to be using people for money purposes not for actual work of GOD himself. But at the end, preachers continue with the message, "I have found the answer. God will provide" not wanting to change the narrative but Madilu says that GOD has always provided for others too forever and GOD has always been helped but not just now.

Basically, this song is about the dirt of the Church of how the Mother wants to please GOD and do things for his glory but she also wants to be a mother and truly be a family person believing GOD will bless her more. However, the church seems to object to the mom's idea of only relying on GOD and that when money comes, none belongs but the money belongs to the Church. The mom does not seem happy about this and feels like she is being used.

Now you wonder what I think. Well I do believe in GOD and I trust him for my guidance and my life. I love GOD's great love and I love how GOD has done some blessing for my life like me now being able to go to college and be a great human being. I thank GOD for that. However, I agree with Madilu on this one. The Church has always been corrupted especially now in its heavily political society. But this is not applicable in Kinshasa churches (though there have been sad cases there) but also in many WESTERN entities. I mean now days in many Western countries (including my country USA) have churches who are telling people not to work hard or take care of family but only take care of GOD and money only belongs the CHURCH. But here is the thing: HOW THE HELL CAN THE CHURCH HAVE PEOPLE WITHOUT PEOPLE PROVIDING MONEY FOR THE CHURCH. SERIOUSLY? I mean the churches (sadly many) have become so much money whores. I DOUBT GOD WILL BE HAPPY ABOUT THAT.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Examin All the lesser known Veve Label Bands

I am making an important announcement. My announcement is that I am going to examin not so known bands of the great label Veve Label. This label was formed by former OK Jazz saxophonist Verckys. He started this label after he left OK Jazz in April 1969.

I am going to look at the three bands that seemed to be so unknown. I am speaking about Bella Bella, Lipua Lipua, and Kiam. I have heard of their music and I have seen some of their songs and I have seen some of their musicians. I think for me, I will try to create some story about these three bands. All these bands associated with Verckys at one point. These bands have had some major success but for some reason they manage to collapse so quickly. As result these bands ended up dead and they left with a lot of questions.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My want for Free Speech

This will be my final post of this week before I go to some weird adventures of my life. I mean basically tomorrow to Sunday, I will be out. It is unusual because I am usually home having to see news that I hate, or see something or take care of home or do some forum talk or even do this blog. I am used to that. Not this weekend, it will be a wild ass ride and I will see what happens.

Let me get back on topic to speak on something important to my heart which is Freedom of Speech. I know I have spoken of this before very briefly though. Now I really want to speak about it.

The common issue in today’s laughable low life society and not just in America but the world especially the Western entities. I have seen this common thing that has become pretty popular: SILENCING THOSE WHO DON’T SEE IT YOUR WAY. Why is it so popular? For people today, some hate the world we live in, so they seek to control how people think. This is especially true with this idea of religion being in our schools when we should learn that at home and go to a church and worse, some stupid gay activists trying to force children into hearing about homosexuality in schools. These two extremes are as sickening as you can get. Because we live in a dumb society, it lead to morons who want to act they are the good ones and the one who don’t see it their way should be silenced and be ashamed for being different.

This has had a major impact on me whether it comes to YouTube, school, and even some social places too. When I was a kid, I was not allowed to speak how I felt on many things because I was said that I was dumb enough to say anything. When I was angry or happy, I learned to keep it int. So I often developed a mood where I usually was neutral and it was rare to see what real mood I was in. It was even worse as a teenager. I was often made fun of for making many mistakes and I often was not allowed to say how I felt. If I did say something, I was told to shut the fuck up and put on my ass. Also I have been made fun of for speaking my mind and trying to be my own person. I was silenced and I felt had lost my identity and I lost my own individuality. It is even worse on YouTube, I often commented on posts and I got in major trouble for commenting and many people would either block my comments or delete them and I would often lose people that I want to speak to. My comments were oppressed and I felt that I lost myself.

But I not the only one who has experienced this kind of silence attempt. On a forum I am part of, we had a discussion on gay marriage, and one lady was nicely stating her opinion that The Lord is decider of life rather than politics. Of course one angry member tried to tell her to go back to her place. The woman responded with a positive attitude saying that God is good and he can blessed by God indeed. Instead, he took that offensively and decided to tell her to shut her mouth until she stops praising God and gives reason why gay marriage is wrong which she just said that is stated on the bible which is very true. The man was mocking her and me and some others defended her and I reminded him that you cannot replace hate with hate. He of course got mad and tried to silence me too because he hated that I and some others did not see it his way. I mean this man acted like he knew everything and those who do not think his way should not say anything.

Because I have been silenced and I have seen others been so silenced from speaking their mind, I am so for free speech. That is why I have my own YouTube channel (FrancoPepeKalleShow) and I have my own blog here, because this where is get my own word and my own thinking of life. I can be very mad and I can be in a great mood. That is part of life. At least I am a honest person. As for others who like my channel or blog, express yourself. I am so for freedom of speech even if someone makes a dumb comment. I will let you speak your mind. Will I respond, possibly and if the comment I feel is stupid then I will likely call you out. That is how I am in general in life. But I let people be in their mood. Just recently, on my post on Namona Ya Wapi, there was a person who was mad at my post when I putted Djodjo Ikomo being a Lipua Lipua as a possible singer telling me that he was a member of Bana Ngenge and he was part of Orchestre Veve with former OK Jazz saxophonist Verckys. I said that I was told by someone that Djodjo Ikomo was in Lipua Lipua briefly. He was mad and said that he knew all the Lipua Lipua members. At least I allowed him to say how he felt. For my posts now and past, if you like them fine, but if you have a problem with any of my posts, again COMMENT on my blog post or YouTube post. If you want rant at me, go my emails either or

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I love this great 1993 record. It is the album from my second favorite band Empire Bakuba. It is the album Poto Malili: Kinshasa Moto Moto. I mean basically the album is somewhat a dedication to Europe and Kinshasa as many Congolese were more into going to Europe than other areas including United States (USA). This is a real Empire Bakuba album. Because unlike many Empire Bakuba works, it does not have too much of Pepe Kalle. The real stars, I would the real stars are Dilu Dilumona, Djodjo Ikomo, and Blaise Mava. They appeared on all of the six songs. They were the people that shined in those songs. We have songs together like Mama Mapasa, Yo Naponi, Pense A Moi, Ngai Ngaye, Mbiya, and Diaminate.

We have some great moments from some of these excellent songs. One song that is excellent is Dilu Dilumona's song Ngai Naye which is a remake record of his record Pesa Ngai Loboko. But on this version, no Pepe Kalle on this song. But the original, Pepe Kalle does appear on the record. Dilu Dilumona regardless he shines and he is able to make some great lead vocals. The interesing record to me was the song Mbiya which is another Dilu Dilumona record. This song, Dilu shines too and he is able to show his skill as a ordinary singer. But then Pepe Kalle steps in and put his own blue print into this classic song.

But the main person for this album is the great entertainer Djouna Mumbafu. He has a strong prescene in each song that he animates. He also puts his strong and crazy voice into these classic songs. Djouna Mumbafu was the King of this work and he made some great moments. Part of this great work is because of Djouna Mumbafu.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Empire Bakuba- MAMIE 1992

Now I am going to rant on this work that was done by the great band itself Empire Bakuba. I mean the work that I consider to be one of Papy Tex's masterpieces as the second hand man of Empire Bakuba. The work he made on this work was his 1992 acclaimed LP called MAMIE.

This work is one of the best Papy Tex made work with Empire Bakuba. This album begins a great song called Jordan with the great voices of Papy Tex and Djodjo Ikomo and of course don't forget the great voice of Pepe Kalle. This song had a excellent sebene. Also don't forget the other song Music Clarification with Papy Tex showcasing his greatness and how important he was to many people. I say this because Papy Tex sings well and the guitars until it is the time for the animation of Djouna Mumbafu. Also I enjoy the rumba song Ivetibi because Papy Tex is once ready to express himself prefectly and he is ready to showcase his importantce.

Now you are able to see Papy Tex shine a bit himself on the two other songs Sinita and Aideu Laya. Adieu Laya has a interesting aspect. I mean first time we see Bovi Mukoko and Papy Tex sing together and then the second part where we hear some Papy Tex sing with Pepe Kalle.

But the song that really stands out is the song MAMIE. This record, you see that there are just great singing together. I mean you got a dream team on this song. You got the personnels of Doris Ebuya, Gode Lofombo, Papy Tex, Djodjo Ikomo, Bovi Mukoko, Pepe Kalle, Elvis Nkunku, and Djouna Mumbafu. This song just equal major gold as soon as this song came out. I hope people can get this record and enjoy this great record.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why my nickname is Franco Pepe Kalle?

 Franco "Grand Maitre"                

Pepe Kalle "Giantafrique"

Some people wonder why I am such a Franco and Pepe Kalle fanatic or a better one: Why do I love Franco and Pepe Kalle so much? Or what is my real name or Why do I call myself Franco Pepe Kalle?

Well those who want to know why my main nickname is Franco Pepe Kalle, you better hear this story from me.

OK, well it started back in 2007 when I was getting bullied by many of my colleagues. Before I used to be a big time Clan Wenge fan (I still am though) and I used to love Papa Wemba big time and I used to hear primarily urban music (hip hop & R&B). I would sometimes sing some R&B music and hip hop music because I was so into it back then but people would insult and call me a phony headed fool. I was so mad and I continued. People said to me to stop listening to new music and new stuff because I was ruining those records. I was so mad. It led to some heated arguments where I was slaughtering everyone and I was mocking others for dicing me. I did some rapping degrading other people. I said afterwhile, I had enough of this and it got childish. I also did less hearing of Papa Wemba and Clan Wenge.

So I decided to hear some old school Congolese music and for some reason, I started liking these two people much more than I expected. They were Grand Maitre Franco and Giantafrique Pepe Kalle. These two men I would become obessesed over. With Franco, I would be addicted to hearing Kimpa Kisangani, Mario, Fabrice, Mamou, 12,600 Letters, Tres Impoli, and Les Rumeurs. As you see I loved Franco's 1980s records big time. The song that always stook out from Franco was Fabrice. It was a recorded that was never made like Franco made it. The way he talked and dialogued about Fashion is quite blunt and real. That is a good thing. I mean that is quite something that was a unique thing in my view. Franco's guitar playing also stood to me. I mean the way Franco played his solos were very fierce and were Grand Master like. I would sometimes act like a moronic kid and I felt that I did some stuff as a Franco. I would cry sometimes when seeing Franco because he died before I was born. Franco also was real in his songs and sometimes he spoke about the very flaws of society and knew how hard life was as he was a streetboy himself. That is why I am such a Franco fanatic.

With Pepe Kalle, it started when I decided to hear soukous I felt was blocked by other people. So I did. I was so happy hearing some Pepe Kalle records. For me with Pepe Kalle, it was Roger Milla, Pon Moun Paka Bouge, Moyibi, Johnny Bitoto, Article 15, Mama Leki Ndeya, Guy Guy Mandimba, Young Africa, and Gerant. These songs made me so into Pepe Kalle. I felt that Pepe Kalle's soukous was more unique than even Clan Wenge. Pepe Kalle just made soukous something bigger and better. Pon Moun Paka Bouge, you had something where Pepe Kalle could sing and animate at the same time. It was a genius for my opinion. Pepe Kalle was the entertainer throughout the song. Roger Milla was always one of my favorite songs. As I kid, I used to always jump and act like a total moron. Another thing I found interesting about Pepe Kalle, he was one of the best lead singers I have seen for a while. Pepe Kalle was a great musician. Because I had found some uniqueness of Pepe Kalle also due to his understanding of life and how he was for the underclass in society. That explains why I am a Pepe Kalle fanatic.

Because of these, I would be into Franco and Pepe Kalle so often in my life. By 2011, I decided that it was time to make my known nickname known as Franco Pepe Kalle. I am convinced that Franco and Pepe Kalle are the Kings of Congolese Music. I listen to music in general but I am more into Franco and Pepe Kalle.

So now I call myself Franco Pepe Kalle. If you want more of info about this topic from me, you can tell through my emails either or

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