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I wished they were more female artists in Africa

In this month, we celebrate the importance of women. I just had one wish that was the case: THEY WOULD BE MORE FEMALE ARTISTS IN AFRICA.

Yep I said it, I wish they were more female artists in Africa. Why do I say this because I have notice in Western music that I listen to sometimes, I tend to favor female voices than male voices. I mean in American Music for examples, I got the likes of Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Ciara, Ledashi, Faith Evans, Keyshia Cole, and others. I love female voices especially voices that bring that arousal effect on their singing. I love other Western artists like Joss Stone, Adele, and Natashaa Bedingfield. Natasha and Joss sounded sexy together. They need to make more music together in the near future. I favor female artists in the Western music sense.

Now that should be the same case when it comes to African Music, right? Nope. Well the thing is that they are so few female artists in the African music scene and that still holds t…

Mary J. Blige uniqueness

I am going to now do some valuable tribute to one woman who was influenced by Aretha Franklin. This woman has endured 20 years of pain, suffering, abuse, and great success.

I am speaking of Mary J. Blige. She is one artist I enjoy listening when I am a grateful for soul music. Yep Mary J. Blige is indeed the queen of Hip Hop Soul. Many female R&B artists who love hip hop ought to give huge respect to Mary J. Blige. This woman was the pioneer of combining soul music along with hip hop into one genre. We call it Hip Hop Soul.

She was born in 1971 from Bronx, New York. Sadly she like many African Americans endured a single parent. She pretty much grew up with a dad though she had her real dad as a child but her dad was a abusive figure. She grew up with some struggles. But during the 1990s, she would have some great ups and great downs. Great ups were that she made a great stand with her debut album What's the 411. It had high success. This helped Mary J. Blige reach some peak as …

Mbilia Bel Life

We are still in the Women's History Month and here I decided to make another post to a female artist. But this female artist is not from America. She is a popular artist in Africa (pacifically Congo).

I am speaking about Mbilia Bel. She was born in 1959 from Democratic Republic of Congo (Belgain Congo). Mbilia Bel always had some musicial abilities in her. She began her music career as back singer for Abeti Masikini and Sam Mangwana.

But Mbilia Bel really got her fame started when she was discovered by Tabu Ley in 1980. She would soon become Tabu Ley's valuable duet partner. Mbilia Bel's first record was "Mpeve Ya Longo" which is Kikongo version of HOLY SPIRIT. This song made Mbilia Bel go to major stardom. Then she got another song called Eswi Yo Wapi. That song was her banging record.

But her career highlight was the song Nairobi which was very popular in Kenya that even Kenya president at that time allowed other songs to be played there. Also the man who compos…

Which out of the Aretha Franklin fan girls is better?

Now I am making my new post on something else. This subject comes back to female artist since this month is about them.

Why put four pictures together in one post. What do they have common? They were all known female artists who were influenced by Aretha Franklin. I made a post about Aretha earlier this month (Aretha Franklin Importance). Now I have four girls I say had Aretha's sound. I am speaking of Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, and late Whitney Houston. These four female artists are very loved artists but clearly had some influence from Aretha Franklin and they applied her voice in their own way.

Mary J Blige brought more the soul aspect with often her emotional state. She made songs where she was angry and she sang her soul out. Her strong soulful singing was clearly helpful it was able to make her quite a unique character. She is someone who had more the soul element that made her music known.

Whitney Houston was someone who just loved to sing and she clearly use…


This is a day that I may be more happier. Doing better and getting better academicly speaking. Things are getting better for me as I am goin in the right course. Thanks to my parents, now I am in a great path which only makes me more happier than ever.

To get it started, I am starting with a song that many Franco fans now should probably know somewhat. I am speaking of the great song that is a unique Franco song. This song is the one that Franco would follow up in the later 1980s. That song I am talking about is Fabrice. This song I am speaking of is the first version of Fabrice. The original song. There was three Fabrices that Franco did in the 1980s.

This song is the original version. It is just simply called FABRICE. This song is about fashion as the other two. But on this one, Franco here praises people with he thinks are valuable fashion. He mentions name. He even mentions Fabien which is a great name. I have a personal connection to that. Fabian was my grandpa who was a Congolese…


I was signing a tune being alone and some moron wanted me to stop singing because I was really TOO LOUD supposely. That is a totally moronic. I did not sound that damn lod. I t makes me laugh big time. Really this moron asked me to stop singing because I am not like everyone else and I do things my way not THE GROUP WAY. As I said, most of my colleagues are bunch brainwashed morons who are so narrowminded and don't apperciate life that much at all.

The song I was singing to was the grand slam song called Fabrice Akendi Sango. That person who made the song is Grand Maitre Franco. This song is the 3rd Version of Fabrice. This song was done in 1988 (maybe November 1988, I guess). There are two other versions which are Fabrice Two (5 Ya Ans Fabrice) and the First Fabrice (1980). But this song has more interesting guitar sound. Also on this version unlike the other two, Francodoes do some narrating in the song.

This song talks about a person in the high class (I mean Cardinal, CEO, and…


I had a very good weekend. I am in a great mood with some good homework being done. Also I felt this week, I feel more inclined to hear msome great Congolese Music. I say this so I can be my normal self.

To get that started, I am going to give you a classic song from Franco. Yep, I mean Grand Maitre Franco. He made three series songs of the name. No, I am not speaking of Marip but I am speaking of the name Fabrice which is another way to say Fabric. Franco made three versions of Fabrice. Each of them are classic in its own way.

But the one I am covering on this post is Fabrice 2. Fabrice 5 Ya Ans. This Fabrice song sort of a political and also a social song. This song Franco talks about clothings and its effect on the whole Africa. Based on Franco's mood, I can say that Franco is thrilled when he injects Africa Mobimba. Don't forget that we have perfect melodies voices of Josky Kaimbukuta, Madilu System, and Ntesa Dalienst. Also, Franco's lead vocals are so perfect in this …

Classic Day

I had a great day which is totally weird for me. It is so weird for me. It was a great day for me. Today I did some driving lessons and I did a good job making these turns to the left and I drove in a normal speed.

Sadly good times always have its con. I found out that some people called the police and thought I was so drunk apparently. That was a dumb accussations. I got some heat for going two lanes though I had no idea that I was driving on two lines. But those are a footnote. The really bad thing that occurred is what leads to my actual post.

The thing that got me more mad and in major rage is hearing the shitty version of this classic song while I was driving. The song was raped and it was totally fucked up big time. The song I am actually speaking of is the song called Mbondo from Lipua Lipua. This version I heard in the car was totally fucked up. This song was sounding like total mess. It soudned like someone raped the song and made the whole sound whorish. Damn you idiotic pro…

Seems to lack of apperciation of work for Aretha Franklin

This month is Women's History Month and I should done this on my first post but I did not. Forgive me for that. I am now going to dedicate some great female artists of the whole world to the history month.

If there is one artist that is so legenedary but has not exactly got her dues is no other than Aretha Franklin. Many people seem to think that Aretha Franklin is overrated because her song RESPECT gets played way too much. Well I make my view on the Queen of Soul.

Actually Aretha Franklin is somewhat underrated artist. Here is why. If you see, many people consider other female artists as pioneers but refuse to make Aretha Franklin as a pioneer. If you ask most people, if they knew a old artist who they do they know? The answers are often Diana Ross, Patti Labelle, Janis Joplin, and the likes of them but it is extremely rare for people to mention Aretha Franklin as a pioneer of music of females (That is unless you refer to the black community who dig soul music a lot). Why do you …


Let me get started on a post about my idol Grand Maitre Franco.

This song says many things about the personality of Grand Maitre Franco. He made some great final records. This one stands out to me big time.  This song was dealing with rumors and issue that Franco had deal with as a musician especially his final years (late 1980s). There were tons and tons of rumors of Franco doing stuff and stuff. Franco must have gotten annoyed. Sadly though Franco was on poor health.

Franco made a song dealing with those complex problems on the song called LES RUMEURS. This song dispatched rumors about many things especially about his health basically that he was saying that he is not dead but alive. But Franco's voice did not sound that great. To be fair, Franco was sick so that is not his fault. He even mentioned the Mobutu Regime in this song which I bet Mobutu was not happy at all hearing this song though he was a big fan of Franco. He also dealing Congo (Zaire)'s issues with gossip.



I am having such a great weekend because I am so happy right now. I had found a song that I can get out of my stubborn head of mine. This song is so good that now I am going to share it.

The song that I can not stop playing for myself is the song called KOMBE DILU. The song comes from Dilu Dilumouna with Empire Bakuba. This song is a classic song and I enjoy it. Better it has one person: PEPE KALLE. He sounds so angelic and has no flaw when he sings this song. I am stunned how good Pepe Kalle sounded in this song. Dilu Dilumouna sounded good too. But Pepe Kalle was the reason why this song is so classic material to me. We had a perfect sebene with the help animations of Desouza and other people.

KOMBE DILU proved how great Pepe Kalle's voice was and how he was able to sound in flow as the song went on. Pepe Kalle's lead vocals were so perfect because it proved the greatness of Pepe Kalle. Pepe Kalle knew how to make this song unique. Dilu Dilumouna was good too and he managed t…

Should I play the guitar?

I am sorry for making a post this week. The last weekend and this week has been a absolute disaster. I have had the worst time in school with more people mad at me than ever. Then fights with my family add more conflicts on forums just adds to a complete disaster week.

During this bad week, I was discussing with some of "my colleagues" about something and they decided to bring up a topic: GUITAR. So we were talking about instruments. One instrument that is general is meant for men is guitar. I was playing a fake saxophone because I find that instrument fascinating and it would be cool if I ACTUALLY KNEW HOW TO PLAY IT. Anyway, I said that let's say I have a girlfriend (which I will in the feature) and she knew how to play guitar and I did not. Why do I say this if you ask?

Well because it said that guitar was only meant for men not women. But that sterotype has been broken which is a good thing. Now days more female are wanting that guitar. That is a good tihng. But one t…

Why I hardly get excited about stuff?

What is so interesting to me as a person is that I have always been asked or told about this. I was asked this: WHY AM I NOT EXCITED ABOUT ANYTHING? Well, there are numerous reasons why I am never excited for anything.

Let me make it simple. As I indicated on my previous post here (HAPPY BEING DIFFERENT), I a very different from most of my colleagues. I am really different from them. I have very little to no friends. Also don't forget that I am very unpopular and I have been called so many names. Plus there is nothing to be excited about really.

Here is when I am ACTUALLY excited about something. I am excited when I can spend time with my family. Great example is when I have my birthday, I don't demand a big party but a simple party with my family. I am excited when I get to spend time with my daddy because that is where good things occur with me. I am excited when I speak to notable personnels. I am excited when I get to play with my siblings because life is too short and I ne…

Bad Side of listening to International Music

Well I have notice that being into many kinds of music can be a bad thing. Well at least according to my mom. I am not sure whether her view is right or not.

Well yesterday at my house, I was not playing either a Congolese or American Music. I was paying a song from Mali which happens to be Arabic music. The band was Rail Band with now popular legend Mory Kante. You can see him in my earlier post here Mory Kante Life. This song is where Mory Kante sounded so unique in that song. He brought his inner passion out with this singing. But apparently one family member of mine was not too happy. That was my mom. My mom was whining that the song was TOO ARABIC. It was funny to hear. My family members were whining about how I seem not to apperciate my roots with hearing some Colombian, Peurto Rican, Mali, and Guinea music.

Though I am a open minded person, there is a con listening to many music. The con side is that people will think that I don't apperciate my roots because I expand my mus…

Pepe Kalle's rise moment

This week has had some very boring adventures. Most of my classmates talk about just worthless junk that I DON'T CARE FOR. Worse, some of my classmates are angry for no reason and I can't even speak to those idiots because they will threaten to ruin my life later on. Better, more people are mad at me because I refuse to be like them. I am so happy that I don't conform to groups esepcially stupid ones and trust me they are stupid ones.

Well since I have pretty much no friends, it is a great thing because now I am going to share you a beauty of a song that I cannot get enough of. The song I am talking about is called Mobembo. This song comes from my favorite person name Pepe Kalle. He is the person who made this dynamic song. He sang the song alone and he did a great job doing it. Here Pepe Kalleis likely talking about how tough love can be. His singing amazed me. You can somewhat tell that Pepe Kalle was growing some important confidence which was incredible. Pepe Kalle was…